• Registration is 100% on line, you do not have to fill out any paper forms.  It takes about 5 minutes per player, and can be completed from the comfort of your home, work environment or anywhere where you access the internet.
• If registering more than one player you register one player at a time. Using the links below follow the online form, complete all the mandatory fields and as many of the other fields as you can. Once you have completed the initial registration, subsequent season’s registrations will only require a check to confirm details are up to date.
• Payment is mandatory as part of the registration process.  You can pay using either Visa or Mastercard.
• If you are  registering with Williamstown Magic for the first time or have not registered through Sports Pulse previously, you must register as a new player as you are not registered on Sports Pulse database. If you have a Magic uniform please remember to put your uniform number into the registration form where requested. This is important to ensure numbers aren’t doubled up during team allocations. 
• For all Magic players who registered through Sports Pulse in any of the last seasons (Winter or Summer), simply enter your user name and password to update your details and pay your registration fees. If you have forgotten your user name(s) and password(s) select registration below and you will be taken to the registration page where you can select "I would like to request my user name and password" this will send you an e-mail with all the user names and passwords registered with that e-mail address.
• This season, Williamstown Magic has maintained the early bird, standard and late registration fees.

Early Bird

(Pay by 10 Sep 17)


(Pay by 13 Oct 17)


(From 14 Oct 17)

Altona Competition $160 $170 $185
Westgate Competition* n/a $200  n/a

*Westgate registration fees are now fully inclusive


Registration for Altona Competition

Registration for Westgate Competition