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Canteen Report 12/5/13

We had a busy day yesterday in the canteen and setting up of the fields. Unfortunately  word must not have gotten out about the duty roster and we only had a few mum’s and dad’s helping out in the canteen with no one in the morning or afternoon helping to put up and remove the nets from all the fields. Most teams have only 1 canteen and field duty per year, so could you please check with your coach when your duty is, it makes life much easier for the committee members who are there every weekend helping out the club.

We will not be opening the canteen this Sunday due to only having 2 games at home. The following week, the 26th May the All Age Men will be on canteen and field duty.

There were a few disappointed faces last Wednesday when the pizza man didn’t show up . I can assure you that he will be there this Wednesday with yummy pizzas, so make sure you come over and grab a slice of DOMINOES pizza.