Registrations for the 2017 season are now open.  Online registrations are available right now, and registration days at our Clubhouse are listed below.  NOTE:  There is 'early-bird' pricing for players who register by Sunday 19th February (excluding Kindy Platinum League) - New extended date

Online registrations are preferable to avoid delays and congestion at the Clubhouse.  Another of the benefits of registering online is that it provides an optional credit card facility, while payments made at the Clubhouse are cash or cheque only. You can also choose to register online and then select "Invoice Me" to make payment at the Clubhouse.

To register online, go to the MyFootballClub website and follow the instructions under Player, Coach or Volunteer (for Managers) registration. If you do not know your FFA password you can have it sent to you through the website at any time, or you can call the MyFootballClub Support Centre on 80204199.

When you are prompted to enter your Club name, please enter Bankstown Sports Strikers.

Anyone registering with Strikers for the first time will need to present identification and have a photograph taken at the Clubhouse during our Registration Days.

Registrations will not be accepted by the Club until all of the following requirements are met:

  • registration application submitted (online or in the Clubhouse)
  • registration fees paid
  • valid photograph supplied
  • ID supplied for coaches, managers, and new players (birth certificate or passport for juniors, passport or drivers' licence for seniors).

Players, Managers and Coaches who were registered with Strikers in 2016 will not generally require a new photograph for 2017, though the Club in its absolute discretion may require an updated photo if the member looks significantly different to the existing image or if the existing image is deemed to be unacceptable.

Coaches, Managers and other Volunteers are required to apply for a Working with Children Check. You need to complete the form online and follow the instructions, and following that you'll need to visit a Motor Registry to have your ID verified but not until you've complete the application above. The good news is that these new checks will last you for 3 years.  When you receive your WWC number (usually a few days to a week after your visit to the Motor Registry) you need to supply it to us.   

Don't forget to register in the MyFootballClub database as a Coach or Volunteer (Team Manager), upload a photo, and provide ID to us.


Registration Days

The Crest Clubhouse will be open for registrations at these times and dates. Due to the large number of members at our Club we recommend registering online where possible to avoid delays. There will be a separate queue for those members needing assistance with photographs or who are paying their online registration invoice. Future dates may be organised as required.

Saturday 4th February 2017 9:00am - 3:00pm
Wednesday 8th February 2017 4:00pm - 8:00pm



4th January - 19th February (NEW Extended Date)

Grade 6 to Grade 8 $180 (Includes ALL match fees for the season)
Grade 9 to Grade 11 $210 (Includes ALL match fees for the season)
Grade 12 to Grade 18 $220 (Includes ALL match fees for the season)
Seniors $350 (Includes ALL match fees for the season)

20th February - 31st May

Grade 6 to Grade 8 $220 (Includes ALL match fees for the season)
Grade 9 to Grade 11 $250 (Includes ALL match fees for the season)
Grade 12 to Grade 18 $260 (Includes ALL match fees for the season)
Seniors $390 (Includes ALL match fees for the season)

Kindy Squad

Kindy Squad $60



All players (except Kindy Squad) will receive Playing Shorts, Playing Socks and a Drink Bottle.  

Kindy Squad will receive a Playing Strip including Jersey, Shorts & socks.



Players MUST be registered to participate in grading.  More information about Grading is available here.


Coaches and Managers

If you would like to be more involved in your child's football consider volunteering as a Coach or Manager. All teams require at least one of these positions but ideally should have both to ensure the best experience for all. Training is provided.

Sponsor Information