Contact Details

Contact Name :
The Secretary
Postal Address :
PO Box 282
Panania NSW 2213
ABN: 35040778730

Mail correspondance
Please address all mail to;
The Secretary
St Christopher's Football Club
PO Box 282
Panania NSW 2213

Sponsor Information

Wet Weather Information

Sports Grounds - Field Availability Line - 1300 655 180

This line is updated twice a day during the week (if required) at 9am & 2pm

And daily on weekends (only if required) at

If you experience problems with the Field Availability Line, contact Council on 9707 9999 and ask for Facilities Bookings Officer (business hours) or Customer Service (after hours).

Once a field is closed by Council, no sporting clubs or associations have any authority to approve the use of sporting grounds.

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