Club Philosophy

  • Individual technique and a technical approach to playing games takes precedent over everything else
  • There is an underlying belief that the game, when played at the highest levels, is ultimately a decision making exercise under pressure so we need to help players become excellent decision makers when under pressure
  • Excellent technique and a clear understanding of how the game fits together is required before a player can become an excellent decision maker.
  • The program is a long term program and is not interested in achieving quick fixes to get results
  • There is an underlying belief that game is not about winning or losing. It is a game where players who give 100% and can manipulate time and space the best in a game functional and effective way, will be the better players in the long run
  • No one (players, coaches, parents, club members) prioritises winning over and above developing technically minded players, whose priority is be able to;
    • Play in tight spaces
    • Play in a clearly defined possession based structure
    • Keep effective possession
    • Score well crafted goals
  • The defensive side of the game is discussed and developed, players are encouraged to win the ball back as soon as possible when lost, but only so they can then refocus on keeping effective possession.

A Technical Game Plan Needs

  • Technical and intelligent players (without which a team cannot play a technical possession based game)
  • A possession based structure (4-3-3 or one of its derivatives)
  • A style of play which puts the players long term development and understanding first

Technical Training Program

  • Players play the way they train
  • From the very start players should be trained in an environment that promotes individual technique and a technical possession based mindset towards playing the game