Club Policies


Gisborne Soccer Club does not hold a liquor licence, therefore we enforce a strict no-alcohol policy at Dixon Field as per council restrictions. Members are advised that an application for a liquor licence has been submitted.  A new policy will folow in due course.


Within accordance to FFV Rules of Competitions, there is to be no smoking on the playing side of the fences that surround Dixon Field. Smoking is permitted, but discouraged, within the Car Parks but at least 3 metres away from any buildings or as Council regulations & signage state. Please be mindful of other sporting teams coming & going that frequently use Dixon Field.

Helipad Procedure

The Helipad is located next to Pitch D&F 
If a Helicopter approaches the landing are on any match day or training session, please vacate Pitches D&F immediately. Players, officials & spectators should head towards the club rooms (next to Pitch A) and remain there until the Helicopter has departed.

If any of the floodlights are on, they should be switched off immediately and remained switched off until the Helicopter departs.

If there is an ambulance in attendance, please respect the privacy of the patient by staying away from the scene until the Helicopter departs.

Please ensure no vehicles are parked on the Helipad or on the driveway beside the Helipad.

Personal Information

What is collected?

When becoming a member of Gisborne Soccer Club, we ask for your: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Postal Address, E-mail Address, Home and/ or Mobile Phone Number(s); the Name Address and Phone Number of your Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) (for members under the age of 18 years); an emergency contact Name, Phone Number and E-mail Address; your Medicare card number and Ambulance Membership number (where applicable); and for any existing medical conditions and action plan for that condition(s).

How is it used?

Your Name, Postal Address, E-mail Address, Home and/ or Mobile Number(s) or that of your Parent/ Guardian are used for communication at Club level for events, news and important announcements; also at Team level for details of training, matches and Team level duties.

Your Date of Birth and Gender are gathered by the Club Registrar to determine which Team or training session you are being allocated to.

Your Emergency Contact details, Medicare card number, Ambulance Membership number, and existing medical conditions and corresponding action plan(s) are used int eh event of a Medical emergency only.  These particular details are destroyed at the conclusion of the membership period. Membership periods run for a maximum one year only (normally start of February until the conclusion of January the follwing year), any Life Members of the Club will also have to provide up to date Medical information at the begining of a new mebership period.

All information collected is confidential and for Club use only as per the Australian Privacy Act.

How do I obtain my information that is kept on file?

You can request a copy of all your personal information held by Gisborne Soccer Club by emailing

This E-mail Address can also be used to update any personal information if they change during the membership period.

What if there is a breach of the Privacy Act?

For any concerns please E-mail the Club imediately via

More information is available at

Squad Sizing

For information in relation to squad sizes and team selection click here

Complaints Policy

If you have a complaint, please click here and follow our policy procedures to ensure your concern is dealt with correctly


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Next Committee Meeting

Our Committee Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month, 7:00pm at Dixon Field.