Junior Boys - U12-U16

Junior teams are those aged from Under 12 up to Under 16 years.  (For younger Boys please go to our MiniRoos program HERE.)

Junior teams play in competition leagues with match points and league tables.  Teams play on a full-sized pitch.

Teams are 11 a side with up to 16 players on the team sheet.

Player interchange applies.

All players must have Identity Cards - no ID card no play.  That means players must have uploaded a photo into the registration system MyFootballClub.

Players must wear the team uniform (shirts, shorts, socks) with numbered shirts.

About the season

Junior boys play on Sundays with younger teams tending to play earlier in the day and the older boys in the afternoon. There are fixed times for boys competitions although these occasionally vary.

Away matches are played around the northern/western suburbs of Melbourne.

Official league matches commenced on Sunday 15 April 2018.


All training venues and days/times can be found HERE.

Players should wear their orange training shirt, shorts, long socks and shin guards.

Players should bring a water bottle and a jacket.

Team Queries: Sean Farrell seantfarrell@optusnet.com.au

Teams for 2018

Under 12 - born 2006

Under 13 - born 2005

Under 15 - born 2003 and 2004

Under 16 - born 2002

2018 Team Information

Sumner Park East Brunswick and Ryder Oval on Park Street in Parkville are the main home match grounds for junior boys in season 2018.

Training is at various locations depending on the team, including Balfe Park and Fleming Park East Brunswick, McAllister Oval Parkville and Clifton Park synthetic in Brunswick.

Team Officials and Contacts

Under 12 Boys

Coach: Stefan Lazarevic

Email: stefan.lazarevic@live.vu.edu.au

Phone: 0401 253 244

Under 14 Boys - North A

Coach: Luis Zuniga

Email: zunigalf70@gmail.com

Phone: 0405 937 901

Under 14 Boys - North B

Coach: Fasile Aden

Email: fasileaden6@gmail.com

Phone: 0412 963 371

Under 15 Boys

Co Coach:



Under 16 Boys (Green) - North B








Notice Board

Season 2018 Key Dates

Senior Men

Catch Up Rounds - weeks ending 1 April, 10 June and 19 August

Final League Round - week ending 9 September

followed by 2 weeks of cross division finals

All other leagues

(including State League Women,  Men's Metro and Juniors)

Catch Up Rounds - weeks ending 6 May, 8 July and 19 August

Final League Round - week ending 2 September

followed by 2 weeks of cross division finals

draft fixtures will be released in the week ending 25 March