Player Gradings Season 2018

For season 2018 the club will be trialling boys moving into under 10s up to under 15s and girls moving into under 11s and older.  Trials will be held in November and draft squads to be released prior to Christmas.  All players wishing to play for Diamond Valley United SC are required to trial and attend each trial session (for those players that come after the trials are completed will be assessed during pre-season training).  It is a fantastic time to be part of the club.  Diamond Valley United SC prides itself on professional coaching with many junior players graduating to NPL clubs.  

The purpose of trials are to provide a consistent approach to placement of players into teams. As teams from U10’s and above play competitive football, grading is the only fair way of ensuring teams play with and against players of similar skills and ability. Grading ensures that your child’s involvement in the game, their contribution to the team, as well as their soccer skills are optimised. 

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• The grading panel is headed by experienced, officially qualified and/or trained coaches.

• Final decisions are based on consensus after input of all members on the grading panel.

The Assessors are made up of experienced Club coaches and/or senior players. While the Club strives to appoint independent coaches to a grading panel, this is not always possible. Limited numbers of suitably qualified graders sometimes means that many of the Club’s most qualified and experienced coaches’ grade ages that include their own children. However, where this occurs that person is disqualified from grading their child.

How Assessments Are Conducted

Four (4) Core Skills mandated in the National Football Curriculum will be assessed over two scenarios. Basic Skills and Game Play. Kids will be required to attend all sessions to ensure consistent assessments are made.

The skills are shown below:

1. Striking the ball
This includes all forms of striking the ball such as short/long passing; Shooting and crossing

2. First touch
Controlling the ball with all allowed body parts

3. 1 v 1
All moves, feints and accelerations to get past and away from an opponent

4. Running with the ball
At speed (with a lot of space) or ‘dribbling’ (in tight areas), this includes techniques for protecting the
ball and changing direction.

These four core skills cover 95% of the actions of any outfield player when in possession of the ball
during a game of football. The other 5% consists of actions such as heading and throw-ins.

Game Play skills:

1. Ability to read play

2. Team Play

3. Playing to structure/set position


Please remember that the purpose of the grading is not to get your child as high a grade as possible but to have them graded into a level of competition that best suits their ability. This will enable your child to have a chance in contributing to the team, achieve football skill development and receive enjoyment from participation. 


The decision of the assessors and coaching panel are final. A Player may be allocated to a team which played in a higher or lower competition than what they previously played eg. Playing in an A team in the current season does not mean that player will be in the A team for season 2018.  All new and current players that have not been graded will be assessed by the individual team coaches during pre-season training to determine best team fit for the player.  The same grading principles listed above will be applied in determining where the player will recieve the most benefit.



Week 1: Boys moving into Under 12s

Arrival: 5:45pm to Receive Identification Number

Session Runs: 6:15pm-7:00pm

November Wednesday 8th

November Thursday 9th

Week 2: Boys moving into Under 15s, GIRLS moving into under 11s/12s

Arrival: 5:45pm to Receive Identification Number

Session Runs: 6:15pm-7:00pm

November Tuesday 14th

November Wednesday 15th

Week 3: Boys moving into Under 13s & 14s

Arrival Time for Under 13s : 5:45pm to Receive Identification Number

Under 13 Session Runs: 6:15pm-7:00pm

Arrival Time for Under 14s : 6:45pm to Receive Identification Number

Under 14 Session Runs: 7:15pm-8:00pm

November Tuesday 21st

November Wednesday 22nd

Week 4: Boys moving into Under 10s & 11s

Arrival Time for Under 10s : 5:45pm to Receive Identification Number

Under 10 Session Runs: 6:15pm-7:00pm

Arrival Time for Under 11s : 6:45pm to Receive Identification Number

Under 11 Session Runs: 7:15pm-8:00pm

November Tuesday 28th

November Wednesday 29th

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