Fast Five - How it Works




Fast Five is short, sharp, social football. It is played outdoors on half the size of a normal pitch and it is the perfect chance for you to grab your mates, register and play competitive football in a social and relaxed environment.   The KDSC Competition will be held on Friday Evenings at Barkly Square with games between 6pm and 8.30pm.




Team Registrations Open – 1st September 2016

Team Registrations Close – 30th September 2016

Final Registration Day, BBQ and Get Together – 14th October 2016

Round One – 21st October 2016

Summer Break – After Games on 16th December

Competition Resumes – 27th January 2017

Finals – 10th 17th and 24th Febraury





The Age Groups for Fast Five’s will be:



Under 16

Under 13

Under 11


Note:  All Competitions will be mixed teams.  Please note rule that at any time a minimum of one female player must be on the pitch.


** The Club Reserves the right to change the Age Divisions based on the team entries received.  Any affected team will be notified accordingly


All fixtures, draws, results and ladders will be updated weekly on the Kyneton District Soccer Club website and information on the clubs facebook page.





Team Registration Fee - $40


Individual Fee - $40 per player (New Only **)

** 2016 Registered KDSC Outdoor Competition Players do not need to pay the Individual Fee.


Player Eligibility

  • A player is only eligible to play in a team once they have registered paid their relevant season fee and the team fee is paid
  • Players must register in their own age group

* Committee approval is required for any player wishing to play outside their eligible age group





Playing the Game:

·         No offside’s

·         No throw-ins – Ball is kicked back into play (Kick Ins are indirect)

·         All free kicks (awarded for an infringement) are direct unless otherwise stated by Match Officials

·         Penalties to be taken from the edge of the area (10m)

·         Opponents must be 5m away from the ball at the start of play (free kicks, corner kicks, kick-ins and goal kicks)



·         GK must never drop kick the ball

·         After gathering the ball with their hands GK’s may throw or roll the ball with their hands or place it on the floor and kick it

·         For a Goal Kick the ball is placed within the penalty area and kicked out of the penalty area

·         Goalkeepers can leave the penalty area

·         First GK offence for incorrect disposal to be reprimanded, second offence to result in indirect free kick



·         Interchange system (no max number of substitutions)

·         You do not need to confirm with referee when making substitutions

·         All interchanges must occur from the sideline



·         5 v 5 inc GK’s (maximum of 7 players per game)

·         Min 4 players to kick-off

·         Min 1 women on the pitch at any given time for mixed games



Shin guards are compulsory

·         Matching uniforms not essential:

o   Similar/same coloured tops

o   Shorts/socks can be varied

o   GK must be distinguishable (bib/different shirt)

·         Bibs to be provided where there are clashes

·         No jewellery or other dangerous items may be worn

·         Fitbit like devices may be worn for reporting purposes.


Fouls and Misdemeanors

·         If a player receives a 2nd yellow card or a direct red card in one game, they will be sent from the field of play with no replacement player allowed to enter the field of play

·         Further disciplinary action for misconduct may be taken as KDSC sees fit

·         If no further action is necessary the player is allowed to participate in their next organized fixture


Match Points/Results:

·         If team is late for their game by less than 5 minutes they will be penalized a goal

·         If the team is not ready to take the field 5 minutes after kick off they will forfeit the game 3-0


Match Duration:

·         2 x 20 minute halves (OPEN AND UNDER 16)

·         2 x 15 minute halves (OTHER AGE GROUPS)


o   Halves will be shortened if teams do not arrive to pitch on time

o   Venue Coordinator is responsible for changing half duration if necessary

o   Half time is approx 5 minute


Finals eligibility

·         Only eligible players that have paid their registration and season fees can play in the finals

·         Players must have played a minimum of 5 games in their registered team


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