Round 3





Southern Cross Strikers VCL Under 13 Girls had a fantastic game yesterday at Simonds Stadium Geelong against Greater Geelong Galaxy. The home game was moved to Simonds Stadium to give the girls and their families the opportunity to play before the W-League game started at 2.00pm.  The team was lead by Molly Ampt as Captain.  The Southern Cross girls dominated with the first goal by Alyssa Britten only minutes into the 1st half.  Alex Murphy in Mid Field gave passes to Sarah Parish to push the ball down the wing. Samantha Dunstan (Goal Keeper) was not afraid to dive on the ball and to protect it.  Katie McAloon pressured the Greater Geelong Goal keeper and had many close attempts at goal.  Courtney King was trapping the ball and passing it to the forwards. The ball was hit out by one of the opposition players enabling Georgia Morgan to take a corner, from there she passed it to Claire Demuth. Claire, with great control passed it back to Georgia and another goal was scored. Going into the final half Southern Strikers were one goal up.  Molly Esmonde was harassing the forwards making it difficult for the opposition to get a chance at goals.  India Burns showed great skill pressuring the forwards and allowing our team opportunities to clear the ball. The Greater Geelong Galaxy was starting to put more pressure onto the team and had scored another goal.  Emily Farrell and Isabel Unwin were keeping their position and helping the defenders to move the ball up the line.  Ruby Penhall (Goal Keeper for 2nd half) was kept busy as Greater Geelong were attacking, calling out instructions to the defenders.  Georgia Pigeon was supporting Ruby by running down the Greater Geelong forwards forcing the ball out.  Madeline Granland was in Mid Field and was pressuring the ball carriers to force them to make a mistake in order for Southern Cross Strikers to win possession again.  Another goal was scored by Molly Ampt making the score 3-2 however in the last remaining five minutes Greater Geelong scored a lucky goal.  The final score was 3 all, it was a close and exciting game all the girls are proud of their efforts as is their Coach Carmen Farrell, Assistant Coach Madeleine McGookin and Team Manager Alison Demuth.




Southern Cross Strikers verse Greater Geelong Galaxy or David and Goliath. The Strikers were given a target before the game to string 5 passes in a row every time they had the ball and the boys did not disappoint their coach. Moving the ball around came easy to the Strikers which had the oppositions running and chasing hard for the first 15 minutes of the game.

As the game moved on the Strikers became tired and the size, pace and strength of Galaxy had the strikers on the back foot every time Galaxy pushed the ball forward. In a game which saw the Strikers defeated 6 to 1 we were very happy with the boys as they followed instructions and achieved the pre match targets. Strikers goal scored by Jalil Reagaue.




SCS  7 def Greater Geelong Galaxy 4




SCS 1 def by Greater Geelong Galaxy 9




Round 3 saw the Strikers looking for a win against Geelong after being defeated by them in the preseason match, but Geelong seemed to have other ideas. Their boys came out very hard and dominated the first 20 minutes and despite some determined defense they managed the first goal. To our guys credit this saw them lift and get themselves back in game, with a lot more attacking play and some excellent team work and attempts on goal.  Solid defense helped keep the score unchanged heading into the break.  The second half started with strong play by both but by the 10 min mark we were down 3 nil but the boys did not give up.  Consistent pressure and attacking play  finally paid off with 11 min left in the game, when Dejan curved the ball across the goal to find the back of the net.  2 minutes later a fumble by the keeper allowed Miles to add to the score and boys  were back in with a chance. Unfortunately a growing injury list and the warmth of the day was starting to take its toll on our team and Geelong managed another goal with only 2 mins left on the clock.  Despite the loss it was a good effort by all against a tough opposition – well done.




Round 3 finally saw the clash of ex-team mates in what used to be the Wimmera South Coast Eagles pitted against each other under the guidance of fill in Coach Laura Brady.


The Southern Cross Strikers quickly took charge of the game with a solid goal from Lulu Al-Huneidi in the opening minutes setting the scene for a crushing first half. With follow up goals from Courtney Farrell x 2, Jemima Carter and another by Lulu combined with our midfield strength and unbreakable defence saw the half time score of 5-0.


The second half saw a tightly contested game with a single goal from Julia Antonetti hitting the net and Geelong Galaxy scoring in the final minutes.


The final score of 6 - 1 gave the Strikers their first win of the season so far.


U17 B


The match started in windy conditions with both teams going in hard especially Geelong who were determined to win this match.

Some of our players  seemed nervous and a bit slow to start. Geelong had a couple of fast players who got away from the Strikers but inaccuracy in front of goal let them down.

The deadlock was broken by Micheal Trigger with a bit of brilliant individual effort when he got around 4 players and slotted it in.

The second half started with the striker having the wind but couldn't take advantage of it.

Geelong through sheer persistence slotted a goal and the score was 1all.

Geelong kept on attacking and good keeping saved the day for the Strikers.

Slowly however the game turned the Strikers gaining the advantage with players like pat Karras and Michael Trigger causing all sort of hassle.

The second goal came for the Strikers with a goal by Trigger after a good team effort to get the ball to him.

All in all it was a well deserved with but hard fought.

One of the highlights of the match was the referees keeping the crowd amazed by many of their decisions.

In the end the Strikers won 2-1.

Well done to the team.