Round 1




The day started with Birthday celebrations for three team members.

It was a nervous wait for the whistle to blow to start the game, however once happened we saw a great game unfold.  The game was a great contest as the Western Wolves gave our girls plenty to run for and plenty to defend for. We had great moments of contesting the ball.  The team worked well at passing the ball and creating goal scoring opportunities. The girls had a great time encouraging each other even though the score was not in our favour, Western Wolves 4 goals and Southern Cross Strikers 1.



The Southern Cross Strikers U13 boys were jumped at the start which resulted in 2 quick goals by the Western Wolves within the first three minutes. Two goals down and with the Western Wolves playing a very technical game the Southern Cross Strikers kept their heads up and remained very composed and stuck to the game plan. Solid defending by Daniel Angeleski, and Will McLoughlin ensured the Wolves remained at bay. Half time score Wolves 2 Strikers 0.  

The second half was an arm wrestle and some position changes saw the Strikers match it in the midfield and push forward on numerous occasions when at the 30 minute mark Pat Heagney score the first goal of the season for the Strikers. This was immediately followed by a penalty against the Strikers which Riley Norman in goals saved and pushed the ball forward. 47 minutes in and with 3 minutes to go Brandon Lauton scored the equaliser. Final score 2 all.



The U14 Boys were the first team to kick off in the VCL and the first goal for the Southern Cross Strikers went to William Lawrence, following up on a great attacking move from Josh de Voogel. The boys played an exciting game holding off a determined Western Wolves team until the last 30 seconds when they managed to even the scores. A great start to what looks like it might be an exciting season for the U14 team.



A very positive performance means that heads should be up after our first game. The volume of the voices in the change room was a good indicator of the pre- game nerves but these were dissipated once our girls took to the pitch. In the first half we kicked with the wind and the girls worked really hard to maintain the pressure on the opposition. This appeared to take Western Wolves by surprise. The girls maintained their composure after Western Wolves scored at the 30 minute mark. This paid dividends when Kirra chipped the keeper 4 minutes later to make it 1:1 at half time.

Coach Charlie’s half time talk centred on improving the speed at which the girls released the ball and winning it back if they lost it.

With the wind picking up in the second half the Western Wolves took advantage of a lapse in the Striker’s concentration level to score two quick goals. Despite our sustained pressure throughout the remainder of the game we ended up going down 4:1. Irrespective of the final score line the girls came away from the game realizing that they can be competitive at VCL level.

To quote coach Charlie Payton “the girls played nice football; which is what it is all about!”

Bring on next week!



The U15 Boys put on a fantastic display against the traditionally strong Western Wolves. Each player did their job well in each position, matching it all over the park with the opposition. A half time score of nil all had spectators licking their lips for an exciting second half and they weren’t to be disappointed. The game ultimately could have gone either way, unfortunately for us the Wolves were the victors this time around 1-0. All the boys should be walking tall this week due to their performances. (Just quietly, “don’t tell anyone”, I think the coach was extremely happy)



Round 1 saw a hard fought battle between the newly formed Southern Cross Strikers and Western Wolves in the U17 Girls division. While both teams had their chances, the game resulted in a nil all draw in windy conditions.

We were certainly pleased with the girls round 1 effort showing that the team can work well together in tough conditions.

This round has provided good insight into areas we can improve on over the coming training sessions.




Round 1 commenced with the boys facing a howling headwind and a tenacious Western Wolves side. A couple of “keeper’s nightmare” shots from the well credentialed wolves strikers stunned our boys early in the game. A settling of the ship saw the boys 3 nil down at half time.

The second half saw a different Southern Cross Strikers. An exciting half saw our boys control the game a lot more, finishing with a score line of 3-2. 2 goals coming from the boot of Harley “Showbag” Bosher. It looks like we will have some exciting games as the season rolls on.