Teams in Huskisson Vincentia Football Club

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Huskisson (Mens Reserve Grade)
GameDayCode: 5070348416

Huskisson (Ladies Second Division)
GameDayCode: 1068212866

Huskisson (Bolden Blackmore Shield 1st Grade)
GameDayCode: 3259776377

Huskisson (Mens Third Grade)
GameDayCode: 4723549845

Huskisson Vincentia (Under 13 Boys A Division)
GameDayCode: 5432340099

Huskisson Vincentia (Under 15 Girls)
GameDayCode: 3820153970

Huskisson Vincentia (035,s 1st Grade)
GameDayCode: 9774888499

Huskisson Vincentia (Ladies Reserve Grade)
GameDayCode: 4538445547

Huskisson Vincentia (035,s Reserve Grade)
GameDayCode: 3664891770

Huskisson Vincentia (Under 13 Girls)
GameDayCode: 2152046633

Huskisson Vincentia(Under 13B Boys)
GameDayCode: 5022423862

Previously Associated Competitions

Huskisson Vincentia(Under 17 Boys)
GameDayCode: 5022423862

Huskisson Vincentia Green(Under 17 Boys)
GameDayCode: 4078678234

Huskisson Vincentia Green(Under 15 Boys)
GameDayCode: 9435441185

Huskisson Vincentia White(Under 15 Boys)
GameDayCode: 8190567513

Huskisson Vincentia White(Under 17 Boys)
GameDayCode: 9961345838

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