Teams in Launceston City Football Club

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L'ton City(2017 Women's Northern Championship )

Previously Associated Competitions

L'ton City(2017 Men's Northern Championship)

L'ton City(Northern League 2)

L'ton City(2017 Northern Championship Under 18)

L'ton City(2017 Men's Northern Championship 1)

L'ton City(2017 Statewide Vase)

L'ton City(Under 20 Statewide Cup)

Laun City(PS4 National Premier Leagues - Tasmania)

Previously Associated Competitions

Laun City(2017 Lakoseljac Cup )

Laun City(NPL Summer Series)

Laun City(2017 Women's Statewide Cup)

Laun City(PFD Women's Super League)

Laun City(2017 Women's Southern Championship)