Club Finances

As a community club, the majority of our funding is provided by the player registration fees, and all of the effort is supplied by our hard working volunteers.

Our other (and important!) sources of funding come from fundraising, sponsorship, and donations.

All income and expenditure at the club is allocated to either the Juniors (ages 5 to 18, which includes the MiniRoos) or the Seniors (ages 19 and over).

Player registration fees

Each player at the club pays a registration fee, which covers the following items:


We operate two ongoing fundraising areas – the Canteen & BBQ, and Merchandise.

In our financial accounting system, we allocate all profits received from the Canteen & BBQ to the Senior part of the club, and all profits received from Merchandise to the Junior part of the club.

The reason for doing this is to simplify our financial data entry. There is also a lot of crossover between these two areas, as families from the whole club purchase items from these two places.
It would be very difficult to determine which portion of a sale should go to Juniors or Seniors!

We also will run additional fundraising events throughout the year.

The income from all fundraising is used to purchase additional items to help our players, such as:

  • Coach development and training;
  • Equipment to help players’ development;
  • Items to assist the club’s operation (for example, a larger container).

One example of an additional fundraising event was the Trivia Night held in 2014, which raised a total of $3,730 profit for the club.

As for spending fundraising monies, we recently purchased a 40ft container for storage at Waramanga Oval, for $4,400.

Sponsorship and Donations

We do receive sponsorship and donation monies, which are usually directed towards assisting a particular team. For example, Colliers International Pty Ltd and Maxim provide player registration and general sponsorship for the Women’s Capital League Team.

Major Sponsor