Key documents

Coaching Course fee reimbursement

Attached is the reimbursement policy for Coaches that complete a Capital Football Coaching Course

2018 certificate of currency

2018 Canteen and BBQ Roster

2018 Canteen and BBq Roster. Please ensure you are on time for your shift. Three people ( adults or responsible teens). Last shift for canteen and BBq are kindly asked to clean up bbq , wash utensils, pack down the marquee and return it to the closet container. The BBQ will be put away in the changeroom. Canteen last shift is kindly asked to wash up, clean benches and put away as directed.

U10/U11 Field Setup Instructions

U8/U9 Field Setup Instructions

Certificate of Currency 2016-2017 Public Liability

WWFC Sixers 2016 - Nomination Form (21Sept)

WWFC Sixers 2016 - Competition Information (21Sept

2016 Junior League Admin Pack

WMFC Constitution - 2016

WMFC Constitution - 2016

AGM 2016 Minutes

Minutes of the 45th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Last updated on the 29th of March.

AGM 2016 - 2015 Financial Statements

WMFC Alcohol management policy 2016

This policy provides the basis for a balanced and responsible approach to the use of alcohol at Weston Molonglo Football Club events and activities.

Merchandise coordinator

Position description for Merchandise Coordinator

Partnerships Coordinator

Position description for Partnerships coordinator


Position description for Secretary

Junior Chair

Position description for Junior Chair

Communications Coordinator

Position description for Communication Coordinator

Canteen Coordiantor

Position description for Canteen Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Position description for Volunteer Coordinator

2015 MiniRoo Ball Collection Form

Protecting Children application instructions

Canteen and BBQ Roster 2015

AGM 2015 - Minutes

Minutes of the 44th Annual General Meeting

AGM 2015 - 2014 Financial Statements

Junior Referee Evaluation Report

National Club Accreditation Scheme Letter

Letter from FFA confirming that WMFC has achieved National Club Accreditation Scheme Level 1.

Safe Transport Policy

WMFC has completed a Level 2 accreditation with Good Sports which is part of the Australian Drugs Foundation. If you are planning to attend any club function which involves Alcohol please read the policy on Safe Transport.

AGM2014 - 2013 Financial Statements

2013 Financial Statements

CF Coaching Accreditation Matrix

WMFC Committee Member Duties and Responsibilities

WMFC Committee Member Duties and Responsibilities

AGM2014 - Minutes of AGM 2013 26 March 2013

Minutes of AGM held on 26 March 2013

AGM2014 Agenda

AGM 2014 Agenda

Audited financial reports 2012

Audited financial reports 2011

How senior registration fees are set 2014

An explanation and breakdown of how registration fees are set for senior players at WMFC.

Response to WMFC Club Survey 2013

The response of the Club Executive to the feedback from the survey of all WMFC members taken in 2013.

Senior registration policy 2014

The approved policies regarding registration, late registration and de-registration of senior WMFC players.

Triennium Strategic Plan 2011-2014


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