MiniRoo Program

Where U6 to U9s come to play

Weston Molonglo Football Club hosts a dynamic MiniRoo competition for our younger players. Teams compete in small-sided games at the same time on Saturday mornings at Waramanga Playing Fields from May to September, with breaks over school holidays.

Football (soccer) is easy to learn but can take a lifetime to master. WMFC welcomes those new to the sport, as well as those who have dribbled before.

MiniRoos play a small-sided game with less players on a smaller field (ie 4 v 4 in U6s, to 9 v 9 in U9s). Players have more ‘time on the ball’ and more opportunity to develop their skills. Players enjoy more shots on goal and 1 v 1 opportunities which in turn leads to improved skills and fun. Games are non-competitive with more emphasis on player development rather than winning or losing. That is, teams compete in a round robin, however there is no league table. Teams are usually based on friendship groups or common primary school so players get to know the game alongside friends.

The small sided game rules are very simple and under-regulated so it is easy to understand for both children and volunteers. The major role of the coach or parent helper for this group is to make the football experience as enjoyable as possible. A team manager helps from the sideline to ensure each squad play receives equal time on the field. See below for the Coaches & Managers Handbook.

General Information U6-U9

Number on Field 4 v 4 4 v 4 7 v 7 7 v 7
Player Squad Size 6 6 9 9
Goalkeeper No No Yes Yes
Offside Rule No No No No
Ball Size 3 3 3 3
Saturday Game Time 9:00am 09:45am 09:45am 10:45am
Playing Time 2 x 15 minutes 2 x 15 minutes 2 x 20 minutes 2 x 20 minutes
Fees (per player) $159 $159 $159 $159
Field Size 30m x 20m 30m x 20m 1/4 Full Size Pitch
Min: 40m x 30m
Max: 50m x 40m
1/4 Full Size Pitch
Min: 40m x 30m
Max: 50m x 40m
Field Markings Markers or Line Markings Markers or Line Markings Markers or Line Markings Markers or Line Markings
Penalty Area Nil Nil 5m x 12m 5m x 12m
Goal Size Min: 1.5m x 0.9m
Max: 2.0m x 1.0m
Min: 1.5m x 0.9m
Max: 2.0m x 1.0m
Min: 2.5m x 1.8m
Max: 3.0m x 2.0m
Min: 2.5m x 1.8m
Max: 3.0m x 2.0m
Goal Type Goals, poles or markers Goals, poles or markers Goals, poles or markers Goals, poles or markers
Half time break 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes
Referee pay (per team) Nil (Coaches support and referee on field) TBA TBA TBA

Developing Football Skills

Skills develop at different ages, from ‘magnet ball’ in U6s, where all children are gathered around the ball, through U7s where passing is becoming more common. As they move into U8s and U9s, the field gets larger, goal keepers are introduced and the skills develop in each of the players. Natural tendencies of defenders, strikers and goal keepers become apparent.

As the skills develop, the role of the coach changes from on-field advice and refereeing (U6s), to the off-field coaching advice and introduction of a referee (U7s) to minimal off-field coaching and advice (U9s). The main role of the referee for these ages is to ensure the game is played fluently and instruct and correct players on how to behave and what the rules are (ie free kicks, throw ins etc).

And at the end of the season, all players enjoy our presentation day where each player is presented with their own named trophy, enjoy the BBQ and sit back and watch the annual Coaches v Referees grudge match.

Just between girls

The MiniRoo competition comprises of mixed teams. However, WMFC recognises that by around age 8, girls want a choice. We have a combined U8/U9 all girls, round robin competition with Woden and Tuggeranong. We still play small sided rules, it is still all about fun and developing skills. 

Coaches & Managers Handbook

Attached below is the Coaches & Managers Handbook. This handbook requires updating and is currently under review, however, it will provide guidance.


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