2019 Registration

Registrations for the 2019 season have opened, and will remain open until 1/03/2019. Any registrations received after this will be accepted dependent on availability of places in teams. If you are registering a school age junior player, they will be eligible for the NSW Government Active Kids Voucher, which provides $100 towards the cost of registering kids to play sport. You need to go to the Service NSW website to register for this BEFORE YOU REGISTER TO PLAY FOOTBALL! Go to https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher to do this.

Once you have obtained your Active Kids Voucher, follow the instructions on the attached document to complete your registration. If you need to get an FFA Number, or you've forgotten your number/password, there are instructions on how to get these on our "document links" page.

To Register http://footballmidnorthcoast.com/2019-registrations/?fbclid=IwAR3tVy-ZhNvIveBZpFyOHLDuIm9C9Ic7LlNZgNyQQpKeLEK7ICkQOpNp7BE

Every year we find that people leave it very late to register - this makes it extremely difficult to organise our junior teams. The sooner you register, the more quickly we can organise your team. Registrations are done on a "first come, first served" basis - in other words, places in teams cannot be held open for people who have not yet registered. So please, REGISTER ASAP!! We want to have our teams sorted by 15/03/2019. 

REGISTRATION FEES 2019: (pre Active Kids Voucher)

Entry Level Under 6 - under 7 $110 Junior

Under 8 - under 11 $140

Youth Under 12 - under 18 $160 

Senior Amateur $250 included FFA/NNSW/FMNC levy of $215

All fees are due prior to the start of the season

Our club is not-for-profit and wholly run by volunteers, and any funds retained by the club after FFA, NNSW and FMNC levies are deducted (an average of $32 per player) are put towards referee's fees, purchasing playing strips, purchase and maintenance of equipment and facilities, and general expenses. 

All enquiries should be directed to registrar.tffc@gmail.com Mel Trotter 0432 223 685


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