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TFFC Committee Nomination Form

TFFC's Committee Nomination form. We are always looking for people to join our club committee. TFFC needs committee members for its growth and development, both now and in the future. Becoming a committee member ensures your kids have the opportunity to be involved in their local junior football team. If your kids want to play football, please come along to the AGM!

Forgot your FFA Number?

See this document for how to find your FFA number

How to get an FFA Number

How to get an FFA number if you are registering for the first time

How to register

Step by step instructions on how to register

NNSW Football Coach Education Calendar

All courses due to be run across the Federation are included in this calendar

FMNC Coach Education Calendar

All the key dates for coaching courses run within FMNC

2018 FMNC Season Calendar

2018 Season Calendar showing all the key dates for the upcoming football season

Concussion Recognition Tool

The latest Concussion Recognition Tool for pitch side assessment of players with suspected concussion

FIFA Laws of The Game

Full copy of the IFAB Laws of the Game Booklet

FFA Concussion Guidelines

FFA's Current Published Guidelines for management of suspected concussion in players

FFA Respect Programme

FFA's Respect Programme which outlines codes of conduct for players, coaches, spectators, and parents

FFA Code of Conduct

FFA's Codes of Conduct for Players, Spectators, Parents and Coaches

FFA National Football Curriculum

FFA's Blueprint for the game

NNSWF Lightning Policy

Northern NSW Football has again issued it's lightning policy

NNSWF Hot Weather Policy

Northern NSW Football has issued a Hot Weather policy


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