Teams in Old Bar Barbarians FC

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Old Bar Barbarians(Mens Southern League )

Old Bar Barbarians(MiniRoos - Manning U9)

Old Bar Barbarians(Over 35's Southern League)

Old Bar Barbarians(MiniRoos - Manning U8)

Old Bar Barbarians(MiniRoos - Manning U11)

Old Bar Barbarians(MiniRoos - Manning U10)

Old Bar Barbarians(MiniRoos - Manning U7b)

Old Bar Barbarians(MiniRoos - Manning U6)

Old Bar Barbarians(Womens Southern League)

Old Bar Conans(MiniRoos - Manning U6)

Old Bar Devils(MiniRoos - Manning U7a)

Old Bar Devils(MiniRoos - Manning U8)

Old Bar Devils(MiniRoos - Manning U9)

Old Bar Devils(MiniRoos - Manning U6)

Old Bar Gladiators(MiniRoos - Manning U11)

Old Bar Gladiators(MiniRoos - Manning U7a)

Old Bar Gladiators(Womens Southern League)

Old Bar Gladiators(MiniRoos - Manning U8)

Old Bar Gladiators(MiniRoos - Manning U10)

Old Bar Gladiators(MiniRoos - Manning U9)

Old Bar Gladiators(MiniRoos - Manning U6)

Old Bar Spartans(MiniRoos - Manning U6)

Old Bar Spartans(MiniRoos - Manning U7b)

Old Bar Trojans(MiniRoos - Manning U8)

Old Bar Trojans(MiniRoos - Manning U7b)

Old Bar Trojans(MiniRoos - Manning U6)

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