Teams in Maccabi Soccer Club (WA)

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Maccabi SC(Amateur Division 1 Reserves)

Maccabi SC(Amateur Division 1)

Maccabi SC(Metro North Division 4)

Maccabi SC(Women Metro Division 4)

Maccabi SC(Amateur Night Series)

Maccabi SC(U15 - North Div 3)

Maccabi SC(U17 - Girls Div 2)

Maccabi SC(U15 - Girls Div 1)

Maccabi SC(U13 - North Div 2)

Previously Associated Competitions

Maccabi SC(U13 - North Div 1)

Maccabi SC(U13 - North Div 3)

Maccabi SC(U12 - North Div 1)

Maccabi SC(Women Metro Division 6)

Maccabi SC(U8 - North Olyroos Gold)

Maccabi SC(U11 - North Yellow)

Maccabi SC(U11 - North Green)

Maccabi SC(U10 - North Yellow)

Maccabi SC(U9 - North Olyroos Gold)

Maccabi SC (Div 4)(Women Metropolitan Cup)

Maccabi SC (Div 6)(Women Metropolitan Cup)

Maccabi SC Div 1(Amateur Reserves Cup)