Teams in Nambucca Heads

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Nambucca Strikers(Mens 3rd Div South)
GameDayCode: 6245104031

Nambucca Strikers(12 Boys 2nd Div)
GameDayCode: 1257879083

Nambucca Strikers(14 Boys)
GameDayCode: 4945853877

Nambucca Strikers(9's South)
GameDayCode: 9842653621

Nambucca Strikers(11's Blue)
GameDayCode: 5688572758

Nambucca Strikers(15 Boys)
GameDayCode: 7017911045

Nambucca Strikers(Mens 2nd Div South)
GameDayCode: 7006551445

Nambucca Strikers(Womens 2nd Div South)
GameDayCode: 5116738251

Nambucca Strikers(Womens Over 30's)
GameDayCode: 5891166376

Nambucca Strikers(17 Boys)
GameDayCode: 1829559103

Nambucca Strikers(Mens Over 35's)
GameDayCode: 3166750327

Nambucca Strikers Blue(8's South)
GameDayCode: 5154573660

Nambucca Strikers Blue(10's South)
GameDayCode: 2054336357

Nambucca Strikers Red(8's South)
GameDayCode: 9024828277

Nambucca Strikers Red(10's South)
GameDayCode: 2618801654