Teams in Lismore Thistles Soccer Club Inc

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Lismore Thistles (ANZAC Cup Premier Division)

Lismore Thistles(Callan McMillan A Division)

Thistles (Grade 12 Div. 2)

Thistles(Womens Division Three)

Thistles (Grade 13 Div. 2)

Thistles(Summer Youth League - Male)

Previously Associated Competitions

Thistles(Summer Youth League - Female)

Thistles(Mens Premier Division)

Thistles(Mens Division Five)

Thistles(Mens Premier Reserve)

Thistles (Grade 13 Div. 1)

Thistles (Womens Premier Division)

Thistles(Mens Division Three)

Thistles(Grade 15 Div. 1)

Thistles(Grade 14 Div. 2)

Thistles(Grade 16 Div. 1)