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Posted 3/02/2018



Lambton Jaffas Soccer Club grade from 12’s and upwards where there are more than one team in an age group.

Players are graded on ability to encourage players to compete and develop on a comparable level while maintaining a positive morale toward the game of soccer. Grading should ensure that the child, everyone in this Club and indeed across the competition enjoys the challenge of playing soccer.

Grading will be on the following days for the various age groups:-


12’s:  Mon 12th Feb, Wed 14th Feb – 6.00pm

          Team announcement and signing day Fri 16th Feb – 6pm


13’s:  Mon 19th Feb, Wed 21st Feb – 4.30pm to 6.00pm

          Team announcement and signing day Mon 26th Feb - 5pm


14’s:  Mon 19th Feb, Wed 21st Feb, – 6.00pm

          Team announcement and signing day Mon 26th Feb – 6pm


15’s:  Tues 20th Feb, Thurs 22nd Feb – 4.30pm to 6.00pm

          Team announcement and signing day Tues 27th Feb – 5pm


16’s:  Tues 20th Feb, Thurs 22nd Feb – 6.00pm

          Team announcement and signing day Tues 27th Feb – 6pm


*17’s:   Fri 23rd Feb – 4.30pm. If no grading required this will be their signing day

 *18’s:  Fri 23rd Feb – 6.00pm. If no grading required this will be their signing day


Newcastle Football has accepted that some “Skills Grouping” should be implemented for 10’s and 11’s in 2018 season. The intention is to group teams where possible in similar skills group.


10’s: Tues 13th Feb, Thurs 15th Feb, Fri 16th Feb if required – 4.30pm to 6.00pm. Team announcement will be Tues 20th Feb 5.00pm

11’s:  Mon 12th Feb, Wed 14th Feb – 4.30pm to 6.00pm.

          Team announcement will be Fri 16th Feb – 5. 30pm


Grading will be at Lambton Park (near Rotunda) and all signing days will be at Harry Edwards Oval .

It is necessary for players to attend all the days allocated for their age group if unable to attend please phone contact numbers below.

Returning Coaches and Managers from previous season and prospective Coaches are required to assist with grading.


Jenny Bailey (Secretary)  0402 734 604  Eddie Delzotto (Registrar) 0422 227 301


Posted: 22/01/2018

To all returning Parents and players and to any new members. To find the Lambton Jaffas Juniors refund policy click on the Document tab above to open the PDF file.


Posted: 17/0/2018

We have more information on the Active Kids Program.

To get your voucher you must first register as a member with Service NSW. Click on the link https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/  which will open on the home page for Service NSW, then click on the sign up tab then fill in the membership form.

When you are logged in on the home page there is a tab with dashboard and under that there is a box with Services on the top row. In that box click on the tab with Office of Sport which should open a page with Apply for Voucher. Click on this and next page is the start off 6 steps you need to do to get your voucher number.

When doing this process you will need your Medicare card to verify the identity of your child or children whatever the case may be. You can get your voucher number now but they are still telling us you cannot register your child thru myfootball website till the 1st Feb.

I would advise parents to get the voucher number within the next week and not to wait for the 31st Jan. The reason I say this is this program is for all off NSW and all the winters sports families will need this voucher.





In 2018 the State Government is starting an Active Kids Program to help NSW families meet the cost of getting their kids into sport and active fitness and recreation activities.  A fact sheet is attached for your information.

Click on link   https://sport.nsw.gov.au/sectordevelopment/activekids/fact-sheet

Online Registration

To register to play with Lambton Jaffas Junior Football Club in 2018, click on the link myfootballclub.com.au and follow the prompts to register. Please ensure that you update any personnel information (e.g., email address, mobile numbers etc.).

Online Registration opens Wednesday 3rd January 2018

All returning junior players must be registered online by the 11th February 2018 to be guaranteed a place for 2018. Further registrations will only be accepted if a vacancy exists in any of the teams. These will be available also for any new players wishing to join Lambton Jaffas Juniors.

Registration Fees

5 - 7 Years SSF* :  $ 130.00

12 Year NET : $ 230.00

8 – 11 Years SSF*: $ 155.00

12-18 Years Juniors: $ 170.00

10 – 11 Years NET: $ 220.00

Seniors:                $ 275.00

*SSF – Small sided football

Registration Payment

In season 2018 you have the option to pay registration fees online using your credit card.  Note that paying online will incur a 1.8% transaction fee.

Alternatively, you can pay in person by cash, EFTPOS or cheque on one of the payment days set out below.

Payment Days (Cash, EFTPOS or Cheque)

If paying in person, bring your invoice to the canteen window at HARRY EDWARDS OVAL (Lambton) Amenities block on one of the designated dates below.  Registration fees must be paid in full on the day.

  • Wednesday, 31 January 2018                     4.30pm - 6.30pm
  • Saturday, 3 February 2018                            11am - 1pm
  • Sunday, 4 February 2018                               11am - 1pm
  • Wednesday, 7 February 2018                     4.30pm - 6.30pm
  • Saturday, 10 February 2018                         11am - 1pm
  • Sunday, 11 February 2018                            11am - 1pm


If there is more than one team in any age group from 12’s and above, players will be graded by a Grading Committee.  These dates will be notified at the time of payment and/or via email.

Under 10’s & 11’s will be skilled tested to make up their respective teams. Dates and time to be handed out on payment days and/or via email.

It is important for all players to attend all the grading days in their particular age group. If players cannot attend please ring Eddie Delzotto (club registrar) 0422 227 301.

Muster Day for MINI ROO Teams (Under 6’s, 7’s, 8’s & 9’s)

The Club will hold a Muster Day at 10am on SUNDAY 18th FEBRUARY 2018 at Harry Edwards Oval Lambton to finalize teams, training arrangements and if necessary the appointment of Coaches / Managers. All Mini Roo registered players are expected to attend. Clothing will be available for purchasing on the day.

Further Information

For queries regarding registration please contact the club registrar Eddie Delzotto on 0422 227 301.



Posted 25/12/17

Check out the fully returfed Harry Edwards ovals with 11 truck loads of wintergreen couch. The job started on Mon 18th Dec 2017 and finished on Sat 25th Dec 2017.

Click on Photo Gallery Tab.


Posted 21/11/17

Check out latest pics for Harry Edwards returfing project.

Click on Photo Gallary tab.



Posted 29/10/2017

For members that don't know Newcastle City Council are doing major works on Harry Edwards oval. The work involves pulling up the old cricket pitch and laying a new one down plus laying water irrigation and returfing all off Harry Edwards oval.

Go to the Photo Gallery tab for the pics.































































Ground Status

Lambton Jaffas JFC Ground Status:

Harry Edwards: CLOSED 

Lambton Oval: CLOSED 

DATE: From Tue 20th June till Thur 22nd June

 Note : Closed also means the old bowling green.

Club Meeting Dates

Monthly Meeting:

Next meeting is: Mon 6th June

Starting: 6.30pm Sharpe

Waterboard Bowling Club

All teams must be represented by at least one person.


Notice Board

Waratah General Practice


Lambton Foot Clinic

Fiducian Financial Services

Kingsgrove Sports Store

The Mark Hotel

Newcastle Tile Co.

Newcastle Tile Company

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