Life Members

Lambton Jaffas Junior Football Club Life Members Honours Board


Jack Kidd     Year awarded Mid 60's

Neville Bellamy    Year awarded Late 60's

Bill Plain    Year awarded Late 60's

George Newton    Year awarded Late 60's

Frank Hodges    Year awarded Late 60's

Betty Hogan    Year awarded 1970

Jack Parkinson    Year awarded Early 70's

Cec Parsons    Year awarded 1973

Jack Hamilton    Year awarded Early 70's

Des Byrne    Year awarded Late 70's

Ernie Lamb    Year awarded late 70's

Alan Baglee    Year awarded Early 80's

John Seskus    Year awarded 1982

Abe Keenan    Year awarded 1985

Neil Ridgway    Year awarded 1986

Phil Mattson    Year awarded 1987

Brian Stephenson    Year awarded 1988

John Macaulay    Year awarded 1990

Vic Eather    Year awarded 1991

Stephen Bell    Year awarded 1993

Bob Cain    Year awarded 1994

David Price    Year awarded 1995

Geoff Newton    Year awarded 1996

Shane Young    Year awarded 1998

Jenny Bailey

Derek Davelaar

Ross Bryan

Neil Parker

Scott Douglas

Stephen Wright

Chris Sneddon


Ground Status

Lambton Jaffas JFC Ground Status:

Harry Edwards: CLOSED 

Lambton Oval: CLOSED 

DATE: Wed 20th June

 Note : Closed also means the old bowling green also.

Harry Edwards will be closed today Tue 19th June thru till Fri 22nd June. Lambton park will be inspected daily.

Club Meeting Dates

Monthly Meeting:

Next meeting is: Mon 6th June

Starting: 6.30pm Sharpe

Waterboard Bowling Club

All teams must be represented by at least one person.


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