Teams in Lambton Jaffas Junior Soccer Club

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Lambton Jaffas 06/01-2018(NF MiniRoos 06 Group H)
GameDayCode: 6367508525

Lambton Jaffas 06/02-2018(NF MiniRoos 06 Group J)
GameDayCode: 5603195296

Lambton Jaffas 06/03-2018(NF MiniRoos 06 Group F)
GameDayCode: 3450966549

Lambton Jaffas 06/04-2018(NF MiniRoos 06 Group G)
GameDayCode: 8832174474

Lambton Jaffas 07/01-2018(NF MiniRoos 07 Group J)
GameDayCode: 4115945508

Lambton Jaffas 07/02-2018(NF MiniRoos 07 Group D)
GameDayCode: 2513610152

Lambton Jaffas 07/03-2018(NF MiniRoos 07 Group G)
GameDayCode: 8220214514

Lambton Jaffas 07/04-2018(NF MiniRoos 07 Girls Group A)
GameDayCode: 5560242393

Lambton Jaffas 07/05-2018(NF MiniRoos 07 Group C)
GameDayCode: 2140568698

Lambton Jaffas 07/06-2018(NF MiniRoos 07 Group K)
GameDayCode: 2022116590

Lambton Jaffas 07/07-2018(NF MiniRoos 07 Group L)
GameDayCode: 8688705888

Lambton Jaffas 08/01-2018(NF MiniRoos 08 Group H)
GameDayCode: 2688877131

Lambton Jaffas 08/02-2018(NF MiniRoos 08 Group C)
GameDayCode: 6378036162

Lambton Jaffas 09/01-2018(NF MiniRoos 09 Group C)
GameDayCode: 9286842279

Lambton Jaffas 09/02-2018(NF MiniRoos 09 Group E)
GameDayCode: 5091553977

Lambton Jaffas 09/03-2018(NF MiniRoos 09 Group B)
GameDayCode: 5597243323

Lambton Jaffas 09/04-2018(NF MiniRoos 09 Group D)
GameDayCode: 2711554965

Lambton Jaffas 10/01 NET-2018(NF MiniRoos 10 NET)
GameDayCode: 4766045131

Lambton Jaffas 10/02-2018(NF MiniRoos 10 Group C)
GameDayCode: 5695561036

Lambton Jaffas 10/03-2018(NF MiniRoos 10 Group A)
GameDayCode: 4179670067

Lambton Jaffas 11/01 NET-2018(NF MiniRoos 11 NET)
GameDayCode: 2811667503

Lambton Jaffas 11/02-2018(NF MiniRoos 11 Group C)
GameDayCode: 9519327590

Lambton Jaffas 11/03-2018(NF MiniRoos 11 Group A)
GameDayCode: 8250196121

Lambton Jaffas 12/01-2018(Interdistrict 12 A)
GameDayCode: 5018288231

Lambton Jaffas 12/02-2018(Interdistrict 12 C)
GameDayCode: 4441345071

Lambton Jaffas 12/03-2018(Interdistrict 12 K)
GameDayCode: 3220964770

Lambton Jaffas 12G/01-2018(Interdistrict U12G A)
GameDayCode: 7264066511

Lambton Jaffas 13/01-2018(Interdistrict 13 C)
GameDayCode: 8177824304

Lambton Jaffas 13/02-2018(Interdistrict 13 G)
GameDayCode: 8597664816

Lambton Jaffas 15/01-2018(Interdistrict 15 B)
GameDayCode: 8755215259

Lambton Jaffas 15/02-2018(Interdistrict 15 E)
GameDayCode: 8847150915

Lambton Jaffas 16/01-2018(Interdistrict 16 A)
GameDayCode: 7970109076

Lambton Jaffas 16/02-2018(Interdistrict 16 C)
GameDayCode: 3309092913

Lambton Jaffas 18/01-2018(Interdistrict 18 D)
GameDayCode: 1248409611

Lambton Jaffas AA/01-2018(Interdistrict A/Age M)
GameDayCode: 3336635487

Lambton Jaffas AA/02-2018(Interdistrict A/Age Women E)
GameDayCode: 2937948879

Lambton Jaffas AAW/01-2018(Interdistrict A/Age Women C)
GameDayCode: 3679838212

Lambton Jaffas AAW/02-2018(Interdistrict A/Age Women E)
GameDayCode: 8907559618

Lambton Jaffas AAW/03-2018(Interdistrict A/Age Women K)
GameDayCode: 2586546146

Lambton Jaffas O35Fr/01-2018(Interdistrict O/35 Fri F)
GameDayCode: 8585344700

Lambton Jaffas O35Fr/02-2018(Interdistrict O/35 Fri J)
GameDayCode: 3887209145

Lambton Jaffas O35Sa/01-2018(Interdistrict O/35 Sat B)
GameDayCode: 1680011902

Lambton Jaffas O35Sa/02-2018(Interdistrict O/35 Sat D)
GameDayCode: 4738432350

Ground Status

Lambton Jaffas JFC Ground Status:

Harry Edwards: Opened

Lambton Oval: Opened 

DATE: Wed 11th July

 Note :  

Club Meeting Dates

Monthly Meeting:

Next meeting is: Mon 9th July

Starting: 6.30pm Sharpe

Waterboard Bowling Club

All teams must be represented by at least one person.


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