Teams in University of Newcastle Womens Soccer Club

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Uni Womens AAW/01-2018(Interdistrict A/Age Women A)
GameDayCode: 8111300299

Uni Womens AAW/02-2018(Interdistrict A/Age Women B)
GameDayCode: 7798337544

Uni Womens AAW/03-2018(Interdistrict A/Age Women C)
GameDayCode: 3869050708

Uni Womens AAW/04-2018(Interdistrict A/Age Women C)
GameDayCode: 7144054069

Uni Womens AAW/05-2018(Interdistrict A/Age Women F)
GameDayCode: 4869547075

Uni Womens ZWCL(Zone Women's Community League First Grade)
GameDayCode: 2969226286

Previously Associated Competitions

Uni Womens ZWCL(Zone Women's Community League Reserve Grade)
GameDayCode: 2969226286