Coaching Session No.1 - Dribbling

This practice builds on the popular Skills Corridor warm-up by introducing variety and opposition to encourage good decision making. Now players will have to use invention and pace to beat defenders.

Observe how the coach gives every player a specific challenge; engaging players in the activity, ensuring a high energy session and focussing players on realistic outcomes of 1v1 dribbling.

Coaching Session No.2 - Turning

This technical practice is a great warm-up activity that guarantees hundreds of touches.

It is a practice that allows players to be creative and experiment with different turns and imaginative touches whilst preparing them for the session ahead. The video also includes a progression which adds pressure and shifts the developmental focus from technique to skill acquisition.

Coaching Session No.3 - Attacking Overloads

These Small-Sided Games encourage players to develop their individual skills and small combination play. The practices challenge player's decision-making abilities and create scenarios that pose the question of when to pass and when to dribble.

To top it all off, these games ensure your players leave the session happy having scored plenty of goals!

Coaching Session No.4 - Spatial Awareness

This 4v4 skill development game is a beautifully-crafted practice that develops intelligent players with '360 degree vision'.

Observe how the coach is able to demonstrate technical concepts such as movement to create space and passing to the 'safe-side' without having to continuously stop the game.

Coaching Session No.5 - Combination Play

This practice encourages players to use clever combinations to create shooting opportunities.
Because every player is encouraged to score lots of goals throughout, the intensity level is high and it’s a fast-paced and fun game that still develops real game understanding.

Health and Fitness for the Female player

Health and Fitness for the Female Football Player

Click on the link for more information

Basic Injury Prevention

Click on this link for some information regarding basic injury prevention


There's a world of opportunity for you as a coach, whether you're interested in coaching the local junior team, a NSW Premier League team or a national league team or a State team.

All State and Territory Federations, in conjunction with Football Federation of Australia, provide a national coach education program which provides a consistent and nationally recognised accreditation structure.more

Notice Board

Allocation Day 

Sunday the 25th of March at Finnan Oval.

All players are requested to attend at their designated time.

For any parents wishing to coach a team, Allocation Day is the perfect day to put yourself forward.

9.00am - Under 6s

9.45am - Under 7s

10.30am - Under 8s

11.00am - Under 9s

11.30am- Under 10s and 11s

12.00pm - For any player in Under 12s and up who has registered but not signed please come at this time to sign your team sheet. This includes All Age and Over 35 players. You will not be able to play until you are signed.

For players in the 12s-17s age group your coach will make contact with you soon regarding training and the season as a whole.

Also available on the day you will be able to nominate your preferred training days. This is will be dependent on the availability of Ground 1 which has the Rye Grass Program due to start next week.


For all information about our upcoming season, please go to our Facebook  page 

Ground Status

Finnan Oval Field 1 is CLOSED 

Field 1 is a part of the rye grass program and will be closed until the start of the season. It will not be available for training until the rye grass is ready. This will make for an amazing field come the start of the season, so please stay off it until notified that it's ready.

Field 2 & 3 is OPEN


Updated 16 March 2018 8:30am

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