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Toronto Awaba 06/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group A)
GameDayCode: 4725233787

Toronto Awaba 06/02-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group B)
GameDayCode: 5826916531

Toronto Awaba 06/03-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group C)
GameDayCode: 6706748630

Toronto Awaba 06/04-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group D)
GameDayCode: 2302404758

Toronto Awaba 06/05-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group E)
GameDayCode: 1384955223

Toronto Awaba 06/06-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group F)
GameDayCode: 4314120194

Toronto Awaba 07/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group A)
GameDayCode: 9399619361

Toronto Awaba 07/02-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group B)
GameDayCode: 9843271979

Toronto Awaba 07/03-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group C)
GameDayCode: 5840436072

Toronto Awaba 07/04-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group D)
GameDayCode: 5466556729

Toronto Awaba 07/05-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group E)
GameDayCode: 2610157724

Toronto Awaba 07/06-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group L)
GameDayCode: 9246374660

Toronto Awaba 08/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 08 Group A)
GameDayCode: 9846869459

Toronto Awaba 08/02-2018(MF MiniRoos 08 Group B)
GameDayCode: 4834677386

Toronto Awaba 08/03-2018(MF MiniRoos 08 Group H)
GameDayCode: 2632778830

Toronto Awaba 08/04-2018(MF MiniRoos 08 Group D)
GameDayCode: 7520875342

Toronto Awaba 09/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 09 Group B)
GameDayCode: 2366370992

Toronto Awaba 09/02-2018(MF MiniRoos 09 Group C)
GameDayCode: 9035341179

Toronto Awaba 09/03-2018(MF MiniRoos 09 Group E)
GameDayCode: 4983606815

Toronto Awaba 10/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 10 Group A)
GameDayCode: 8753322130

Toronto Awaba 10/02-2018(MF MiniRoos 10 Group B)
GameDayCode: 5864256309

Toronto Awaba 11/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 11 Group D)
GameDayCode: 2798568893

Toronto Awaba 12/01-2018(Interdistrict 12 H)
GameDayCode: 8505664392

Toronto Awaba 14/01-2018(Interdistrict 14 F)
GameDayCode: 8183163585

Toronto Awaba 14/02-2018(Interdistrict 14 G)
GameDayCode: 4475763420

Toronto Awaba 15/01-2018(Interdistrict 15 B)
GameDayCode: 2067609621

Toronto Awaba 16/01-2018(Interdistrict 16 E)
GameDayCode: 7893149240

Toronto Awaba 17/01-2018(Interdistrict 17 E)
GameDayCode: 3980601484

Toronto Awaba AAFri/01-2018(Interdistrict AA Fri B)
GameDayCode: 4321365805

Toronto Awaba AAFri/02-2018(Interdistrict AA Fri D)
GameDayCode: 8606341351

Toronto Awaba AAW-2018(Interdistrict A/Age Women G)
GameDayCode: 9982090587

Toronto Awaba O35Fri/01-2018(Interdistrict O/35 Fri F)
GameDayCode: 5404392512

Toronto Awaba O35Sat-2018(Interdistrict O/35 Sat C)
GameDayCode: 9392293041

Notice Board

Allocation Day 

Sunday the 25th of March at Finnan Oval.

All players are requested to attend at their designated time.

For any parents wishing to coach a team, Allocation Day is the perfect day to put yourself forward.

9.00am - Under 6s

9.45am - Under 7s

10.30am - Under 8s

11.00am - Under 9s

11.30am- Under 10s and 11s

12.00pm - For any player in Under 12s and up who has registered but not signed please come at this time to sign your team sheet. This includes All Age and Over 35 players. You will not be able to play until you are signed.

For players in the 12s-17s age group your coach will make contact with you soon regarding training and the season as a whole.

Also available on the day you will be able to nominate your preferred training days. This is will be dependent on the availability of Ground 1 which has the Rye Grass Program due to start next week.


For all information about our upcoming season, please go to our Facebook  page 

Ground Status

Finnan Oval Field 1 is CLOSED 

Field 1 is a part of the rye grass program and will be closed until the start of the season. It will not be available for training until the rye grass is ready. This will make for an amazing field come the start of the season, so please stay off it until notified that it's ready.

Field 2 & 3 is OPEN


Updated 16 March 2018 8:30am

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