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Toronto Awaba 06/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group A)
GameDayCode: 4725233787

Toronto Awaba 06/02-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group B)
GameDayCode: 5826916531

Toronto Awaba 06/03-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group C)
GameDayCode: 6706748630

Toronto Awaba 06/04-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group D)
GameDayCode: 2302404758

Toronto Awaba 06/05-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group E)
GameDayCode: 1384955223

Toronto Awaba 06/06-2018(MF MiniRoos 06 Group F)
GameDayCode: 4314120194

Toronto Awaba 07/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group A)
GameDayCode: 9399619361

Toronto Awaba 07/02-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group B)
GameDayCode: 9843271979

Toronto Awaba 07/03-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group C)
GameDayCode: 5840436072

Toronto Awaba 07/04-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group D)
GameDayCode: 5466556729

Toronto Awaba 07/05-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group E)
GameDayCode: 2610157724

Toronto Awaba 07/06-2018(MF MiniRoos 07 Group L)
GameDayCode: 9246374660

Toronto Awaba 08/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 08 Group A)
GameDayCode: 9846869459

Toronto Awaba 08/02-2018(MF MiniRoos 08 Group B)
GameDayCode: 4834677386

Toronto Awaba 08/03-2018(MF MiniRoos 08 Group H)
GameDayCode: 2632778830

Toronto Awaba 08/04-2018(MF MiniRoos 08 Group D)
GameDayCode: 7520875342

Toronto Awaba 09/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 09 Group B)
GameDayCode: 2366370992

Toronto Awaba 09/02-2018(MF MiniRoos 09 Group C)
GameDayCode: 9035341179

Toronto Awaba 09/03-2018(MF MiniRoos 09 Group E)
GameDayCode: 4983606815

Toronto Awaba 10/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 10 Group A)
GameDayCode: 8753322130

Toronto Awaba 10/02-2018(MF MiniRoos 10 Group B)
GameDayCode: 5864256309

Toronto Awaba 11/01-2018(MF MiniRoos 11 Group D)
GameDayCode: 2798568893

Toronto Awaba 12/01-2018(Interdistrict 12 H)
GameDayCode: 8505664392

Toronto Awaba 14/01-2018(Interdistrict 14 F)
GameDayCode: 8183163585

Toronto Awaba 14/02-2018(Interdistrict 14 G)
GameDayCode: 4475763420

Toronto Awaba 15/01-2018(Interdistrict 15 B)
GameDayCode: 2067609621

Toronto Awaba 16/01-2018(Interdistrict 16 E)
GameDayCode: 7893149240

Toronto Awaba 17/01-2018(Interdistrict 17 E)
GameDayCode: 3980601484

Toronto Awaba AAFri/01-2018(Interdistrict AA Fri B)
GameDayCode: 4321365805

Toronto Awaba AAFri/02-2018(Interdistrict AA Fri D)
GameDayCode: 8606341351

Toronto Awaba AAW-2018(Interdistrict A/Age Women G)
GameDayCode: 9982090587

Toronto Awaba O35Fri/01-2018(Interdistrict O/35 Fri F)
GameDayCode: 5404392512

Toronto Awaba O35Sat-2018(Interdistrict O/35 Sat C)
GameDayCode: 9392293041

Notice Board

 For all information during the season, please go to our Facebook  page 

Ground Status

Finnan Oval Field 1 is CLOSED 

Field 1 will be closed all season for training. This field will ONLY be used for match days. This is to ensure the field stays in perfect condition throughout the season.

Field 2 & 3 is OPEN

Field 2 & 3 will be open for training throughout the season. 

Updated 27 April 2018 8:30am


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