AusKick Leagues

AusKick Leagues:

Offered in two age groups, AusKick leagues for 5-7 yr olds and 8-10 yr olds, teaches the fundamental skills of Australian Football in a safe, modified and fun environment. 

Each player will be allocated to either the Sharks, Crocs, Stingrays or Yabbies with a game schedule released closer to the date. 

All sessions are six week and cost just $40 per participant, which includes a free ball 


PeeWee Leagues:

Our PeeWee league for 11 and 12 yr olds launches in 2018 for the first time!

Participants will be allocated to either the : Dingos, Wallabies, Red Backs or Brumbies for the season. 

Teams will be made up of 10-15 players, with 12 players on the field. 
Games will be 4 10 min quarters. 

Each team will have a coach and each game will have umpires supplied. 

Team jerseys remain the property of the club, but will be available each week for the teams to use. 

Cost per player is $50. 




AusKick League

(Timbit, Novice, Atom)

PeeWee League

(11-12 yr olds)

Bantam League

(13-14 yr olds - not yet launched)

Playing ground

6-a-side matches: 60m x 40m
9-a-side matches: 75m x 50m.
The field is divided into 3 equal zones.

About 100m x 75m  
Ball  Size One Size Three  

6-a-side: 2 forwards, 2 centres, 2 backs, 2 reserves. 

9-a-side: 3 forwards, 3 centres, 3 backs, 3 reserves.

9-a-side: 3 forwards, 3 centres, 3 backs, 3 reserves.

12-a-side: 4 forwards, 4 centres, 4 backs, 4 reserves.

Zones/position  Played will be guided by coaches/umpires to stay in their positions. N/A   
Transition  Ball must be touched by a player in the mid zone N/A   
Possession rule  Once the ball is possessed, other players may apply a hold and release (restraint) or block by standing in the path of the opponent with the ball. Decide doubtful cases with ball-ups.  N/A  
Playing time  2 x 15 min halves 4 x 10 min quarters   
Contact/bumping There is to be absolutely no contact or spoiling whatsoever except accidental and light shoulder-to-shoulder contact while running to and at the ball.  Players cannot bump an opponent, knock the ball out of an opponent’s hands, push the player in the side, steal the ball from another player and smother an opponent’s kick.  
Tackling  Not permitted Players can ‘hold and release’ a player in possession of the ball by grabbing his or her jumper. Bumping, slinging or deliberately bringing a player to the ground, grabbing the arms and applying a wrap-around tackle are prohibited.  
Shepards  Not permitted Not permitted   
Barging  Not permitted Not permitted   
Marking A mark is awarded, irrespective of the distance the ball has travelled, to any player who catches the ball, or makes a reasonable attempt to catch the ball from a kick. Set the mark after the mark is awarded. No playing on allowed. A mark is awarded irrespective of the distance the ball has travelled to any player who catches the ball directly from the kick of another player.  
Bouncing Bouncing is optional but no more than one bounce is permitted. The player must then dispose of it by hand or foot and may not touch the ball again until it has been touched by another player.  Only one bounce is permitted  
Distance run No limit A player running with the ball must bounce it within 10 metres.  
Kicking off ground  Not permitted unless accidental.  Not permitted unless accidental.  

Pee-Wee Leagues

Pee-Wee/Atom League
8-12 yr olds

Central League - Hillhurst, NW

Six-week season, mid-July to end of August.

$20 for existing 2018 AusKick kids.
$40 for new players (incl. a free ball).

AusKick kids - send an e-transfer to
New players - register with the corresponding AusKick centre in the link to the left.