What is AusKick?
It is Australian Football, modified for kids. Each session involves: warm-up, skill development, skill activity, and a scheduled and sanctioned game. It's designed to ensure every child gets an opportunity to learn new skills and play games. It's designed to be fun and inclusive for all children!  https://youtu.be/8_wgZ99ed0g
What is Australian Football?
Australian Football is not rugby and it's not soccer. It's the biggest sport in Australia and is rapidly growing in Canada due to it's high physical literacy. It involvs many different motor skills, and is fun, easy to learn and play, and very inclusive. As the rules are modified (it's non-contact), every child gets a chance to contribute and have a go! This video explains the sport, but remember AusKick (that your child will be doing) is modified and is non-contact --> https://youtu.be/XMZYZcoAcU0 
What equipment does my child need?
Nothing! There is no equipment needed at all, just have them wear athletic clothes and runners (or cleats) for footwear. We will supply the Footballs and goal posts use. If they have a mouthguard, they can wear that, but as we teach non-contact it's just recommended, not required. 
What skills will my children learn?
There are a range of skills they will learn, including: Kicking, Handballing, Marking (catching), Picking up the ball, and bouncing. Some great AusKick instructional videos can be found here: http://www.foxsportspulse.com/club_info.cgi?c=1-7993-175455-0-0&sID=381645
How do I pay?
When you register your child (or children), you will be prompted to pay online. 
There are a number of different leagues listed, which one do I sign-up my kids for?
The three factors you should consider are: age of your child, location and day. We run different locations on different days, so the while the league that's hosted near your home may not work due to clash in committments, take a look at the other leagues as they will be on a different night of the week. 
My child's friend wants to come but isn't registered, can they come along? 
Absolutely! They can register at any time, and even if it's partway through a block of sessions. To register, just click here and select "I am registering to this club for the first time" and follow the instructions: https://reg.sportingpulse.com/v6/regoform.cgi?formID=47950&aID=15258
Your website is confusing?
We heard you on this one, and have since launched this stand-alone Juniors website. If you have any more questions or feedback, please let us know at AusKick.Calgary@gmail.com


Pee-Wee Leagues

Pee-Wee/Atom League
8-12 yr olds

Central League - Hillhurst, NW

Six-week season, mid-July to end of August.

$20 for existing 2018 AusKick kids.
$40 for new players (incl. a free ball).

AusKick kids - send an e-transfer to AusKick.Calgary@gmail.com.
New players - register with the corresponding AusKick centre in the link to the left.