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All kids aged 5 – 12 are encouraged to come and try a new sport, Australian Football. 



This program for boys, girls and parents consists of 60 minute sessions. It has been segmented into 5-8 yr olds and 9-12 yr olds. The rules are adapted to maximize participation and skill development.



The AusKick style sessions allows kids to develop new skills, participate in a range of fun activities, compete with friends, be involved with a well organized physical activity, stay fit & healthy, and feel safe, secure and treated with respect. We remove the tackling & bumping and focus on fun and participation. 



No equipment is needed! Kids just need to wear athletic attire and runners or cleats. Mouthguards are recommended. The clubs will supply the footballs for use in the sessions. The club will also provide Jerseys to be worn for the games, however these remain the property of the club and must be returned after each session. 



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Structure of the sessions

Every session will incorporate a game between the Crocs, Sharks, Stingrays or Yabbies. Your child will be allocated to either the Crocs, Sharks, Stingrays or Yabbies team during the first session, with players having the ability to progress based on their age and skill development.


Find a league

2017 Leagues

AusKick Leagues (5-7 and 8-10 yr olds)

Mondays - 6 weeks - starting May 22nd
5-7 yr olds, Spring, Queen Elizabeth, NW
8-10 yr olds, Spring, Queen Elizabeth, NW

TBA - 4 weeks - starting May 25th
5-7 yr olds, Spring, Elbow Park, SW
8-10 yr olds, Spring, Elbow Park, SW

Thursdays - 4 weeks - starting June 22nd
5-7 yr olds, Spring, Mayland Heights, NE
8-10 yr olds, Spring, Mayland Heights, NE

PeeWee Leagues (11-12 yr olds)

Tuesdays - 6 weeks - starting May 23rd
11-12 yr olds, Spring, Bowness, NW


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AusKick PeeWee - Bowness