US Nationals


The biggest Footy tournament outside of Australia. There are 4 men’s divisions and 1-2 women’s divisions.  Teams from all over the USA come to play in this exciting event.  The Kooka’s won the whole tournament in 2008 and won Division 2 in 2015.  In order to qualify for Division 1 this year we will need to send a full side to Florida (16 players are the very minimum).  Our goal is not only to qualify for Division 1 but to WIN IT in 2016!



Saturday and Sunday, October 15th and 16th, 2016. Travel takes a full day so plan to book off the Friday and Monday (and probably Tuesday so you can stay and party with the team for the “Mad Monday” tradition).



Sarasota, Florida. This is the first time the tournament has been in Florida.  The field location is expected to be the biggest and best that this tournament has ever seen!



You are responsible for your flight and spending money in Florida. Depending on how the team does for fundraising, our goal is to have the club pay for hotels (Fri-Sun) and for ground transportation to and from games. So please direct any fundraising ideas to calgary.kookaburras”



Anyone who wants to go to US Nationals needs to register with USAF here. This NEEDS to be done at the BEGINNING of the season in order to collect points.  Any games played before your register will NOT count in your point collection. Please note, registering for the Calgary club is NOT the same as registering for US Nationals. 



All players need to earn 6 points in order to be eligible to play at Nationals. 

  • Metro games (Hawks vs. Fishers) = 1 point/game (you can earn a max. of 2 metro game points).
  • Alberta League games vs. Edmonton = 2 points/game
  • Tournaments = 2 points/tournament

We will monitor your points but it is your responsibility to ensure that you play enough games to earn 6 points.

More details and updates will come throughout the season. Caity Kidd is your go-to person for this incredible tournament, she has attended every single US Nationals tournaments and we have her to thank for getting the women's Mad Monday tradition started (as well as always having an AMAZING costume).


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