The Calgary Kookaburras

The Kookaburras is a team made up of athletes with various athletic backgrounds ranging from rugby, hockey, basketball, soccer and even dance all the way too little or no experience in any organized sport. All are welcome as we pride ourselves on building a safe, supportive learning environment for all those involved. 



To provide a competitive and social atmosphere for women to play Australian Rules Football. Provide an environment for people to get fit while learning a new and exhilarating sport.



To promote an inclusive, athletic environment where women can feel safe and comfortable learning a new sport at whatever level they see fit for themselves.



Commitment and dedication comes from loving what one is doing, and all those involved with the Calgary Kookaburras have the amazing opportunity to teach new, interested people the sport that we have grown to love. Not only will all those who join learn a new sport, but they will be gaining a community of fun, supportive and active people.


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