Volunteering Policy

Fundraisers and recruitment sessions are a major reason we are able to fund and operate the club. They subsidize club costs, allowing us to keep our annual dues low, and keep Kangaroos footy accessible to everyone. Our most important fundraisers and recruitment sessions include:

  • Casino nights

  • 50/50 ticket sales

  • All Sport One City and CSSC 7s

  • Auskick and KidzFirst Nathan O’Brien Decathlon

Volunteering at events is an integral part of being a part of a grassroots football club. However, we recognise that it is sometimes not feasible for club members.

Beginning in 2018, base dues will be reduced, but club members will be required to pay a volunteer deposit of $100. Members can have this refunded by volunteering at club events. Members can earn up to two credits per year, with each credit being worth $50. A credit will be earned when approximately 3.5 hours of time has been volunteered (this is flexible, as some events are slightly longer or shorter than this).

This new policy is two-pronged – it allows members who regularly volunteer to reduce their fees, and encourages new volunteers. It also allows those who may not have the time to volunteer to pay a little extra, and not feel guilty about not being able to help out.


1.       How do I register to volunteer?

Volunteering opportunities will continue to be posted on our social media pages. In addition to hitting “attend” on these, we will require volunteers to register their names on volunteersignup.org. This will allow us to track names and credits. Unique URLs for each event will be posted on the social media event. It is the member’s responsibility to register their name on events they attend so that credits can be issues.

2.       How does the deposit payment and refund work?

Players are required to pay their fees and deposit in full prior to the start of the season. The 2018 fee structure can be found on our website. At the conclusion of the season, please contact the club treasurer and request a refund. You will need a minimum of one credit to receive a refund – fractions of credits are not eligible for refunds.

3.       What if I volunteer before the season starts?

If you earn a credit prior to the season starting (and membership fees being due), then notify the treasurer when paying so they can calculate the amount owed, less any credits you’ve already earned.

4.       What if I’d like to work more volunteering events and exceed 2 credits?

We understand that everyone's financial circumstances are different, however, as a relatively small club, we are unable to refund any more than the $100 volunteering deposit. That being said, we greatly appreciate all those that go above and beyond for the club.

5.       What if I bring a friend (non-club member) to a volunteering event?

You will earn an additional credit/half credit (depending on the activity) for each non-club member who completes a volunteer shift. While the club appreciates everyone's time, these additional credits are still subject to the 2 credit maximum per member.

6.       Who is responsible for starting the credit/refund process?

At the end of the season, if you have credits, you can contact the club treasurer. S/he will confirm and issue a refund.

7.       How long do the credits last?

All credits expire by the end of the current fiscal year. For example, any credits earned before December 31, 2018 can only be used towards season 2018 dues.

8.       Can I volunteer in other ways to get my deposit refunded?

As a volunteer-based organisation, we cannot financially compensate all volunteer efforts. We are deeply appreciative of everyone who chooses to help make our club a better place. The Kangaroos executive committee reserves the right to issue a full or partial refund of club dues or apply a credit for the next season for extraordinary volunteers. A list of credit-eligible events as shown below; however, the committee reserves the right to add or removes events at any point of the season.

9.       Does being a member of the executive committee qualify for a volunteering refund?

While the efforts of all members on the committee are tremendous and greatly appreciated, as stated in the bylaws, committee members shall not be remunerated for the duties, as it relates to their role on the committee.

10.   Example of volunteer credits in action

Macca has played for the Roos for the past three years. In January he volunteers at the Flames 50/50 game, and earns himself one credit. He pays his membership in March, prior to the first round, and pays $150 ($100 dues + $100 volunteer deposit, minus $50 credit he earnt prior to the season starting), and send a separate note to Treasurer Cuzzie-Bro to let him know.

In June, Macca volunteers at the casino night, earning two credits. As Maccas has now earned the maximum credits, he sends an email to Cuzzie, and gets a further $50 back.

Macca’s total season dues are just $100 (they would have been $150 under last year’s model).

11.   Example of someone who doesn’t volunteer

Jacko has played for the Roos for the past ten years. Everytime a volunteering opportunity arises, he posts his apology/excuse on the Facebook event. Jacko’s fees are $200 (they would have been $150 under last year’s model), but he no longer feels guilty about playing footy and not helping out the club.

12.   Eligible events:

i.      One casino shift – 2 credits

ii.      50/50 sales, KidzFirst Decathlon and Auskick 4-week program – 1 credit

iii.      All Sport One City and CSSC evenings – 0.5 credits

 13.   Event expectations:

i.      Casino shift – varied tasks as directed and needed by the casino. This is our key fundraiser each season.

ii.      50/50 sales – Selling 50/50 tickets at Hitmen and Flames games.

iii.      KidzFirst Decathlon – coaching kids on Australian football.

iv.      Auskick – introducing kids to Aussie rules over 4 sessions.

v.      All Sport One City – coaching new adults on the sport

vi.      CSSC evenings – umpiring AFL 7s games.


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