AFLMQ Playing Rules

Playing Rules as set by the AFL Masters Qld.



Only one player from each team to contest all ruck knocks.

At all times the ball shall be thrown up and not bounced

At centre bounces the white line (or imaginary line) shall be used.

One ruckman from each team shall approach the throw up from opposite sides of the white line.

At boundary throw ins only one player from each team to contest the ruck.

If there is no boundary umpire, central umpire will throw up the ball 10 metres in from where the ball went out. 



The player in front of the pack competing for a mark is to be given every protection and opportunity to take the mark.

Any unnecessary or deliberate interference by an opponent player/s in attempting to mark or prevent the player in front of the pack from taking the mark shall result in a kick being awarded to the player in front of the pack. The interference could take the form of a knee or boot being put into a players body



The player in possession of the ball is to be given a most reasonable time and every opportunity to dispose of the ball.

A player attempting to barge or charge through a tackle can do so only if he has not had prior opportunity to dispose of the ball failing to do shall result in a free kick to the tackling player.

When a player is fairly bumped in the side and the ball falls from his hands - the call is play on. Likewise when a player is either knocked on the arm causing him to drop the ball or has his arm pinned to his side causing him to drop the ball - play on. 



All players making the ball their objective are to be given the utmost protection by the umpire.

Any contact other than a legal side bump or legal tackle (between knee and shoulder) to be deemed unduly rough play and a free kick to be awarded.

Slinging players to the ground whether the player is in possession of the ball or not is illegal.

Late contact, in any form, when the ball has been disposed of, will result in a relayed free kick being paid down the field.

Chopping with a clenched fist will result in a free kick being awarded.

A player can only be tackled front on by being grabbed with both hands, any attempt to bump or hit a player front on will result in a free kick awarded. 

In the case of 2 players on the ground contesting the football – if a third player enters the contest a penalty is awarded to the opposing team.



A 50 metre penalty only, shall be applied in all instances.   



Advantage will be payed in all instances. 



To be on the following basis: 

Behind             --   Kicked by any type of kick score 1 point.

Goal                 --   Kicked by punt kick or kicked of the ground score 6 points.

Supergoal        --   Kicked by drop kick score 12 points. (Supergoal    --   Must be kicked from 20    

                               metres out. Supergoal to be signalled by Goal umpire by waving 1 white flag

                               and 1 coloured flag. To be added to scorecard as 2 goals = 12 points. Should

                               any doubt arise then the field umpires shall adjudicate. Should both goal and

                               field umpires be unsighted then 6 points shall be awarded. 



GREEN CARD                    -- Automatic send off until end of current quarter plus one additional


YELLOW CARD - Automatic send off for remainder of the game.

RED CARD                 - As for  Yellow Card plus 1 round penalty with referral to the

                                         M.A.F.Q Management  Committee for futher action. 



Any player ordered off by the umpire can be replaced during the penalty period.

Players can be ordered off for the following indiscretions. 


Verbal abuse or dissension to any person on field (ie. Umpire, opposition player or team mate)

or any self abuse using abusive language. 


Unduly Rough Play (shirt front, charge, or any unnecessary tackle or challenge likely to cause injury) 


Striking (any form of intentional striking) 

Second offence of Green Card will automatically attract a Red Card.

Receiving of a Green Card and Yellow Card in the same game attracts a Red Card.

Any player who receives a Red Card is automatically suspended for 1 additional Round

Plus a referral to the AFLMQ Management Committee for further action.  


Should any umpire submit a written report following the send off of a player, the AFLMQ Management Committee will meet to decide any additional penalty to be imposed.



To be read in conjunction with playing rules 

All teams must have the same amount of players on the field at all times.

This rule does not apply when a player is sent from the field by the umpire. 

If a player is injured and leaves the field and the player's team does not have

a replacement the other side shall offer one of their interchange players to

take their place or if they also have no replacement player shall take one of

their own players off to keep the sides even.

A player who is carded 3 times in a season could incur expulsion from AFLMQ. 


To participate in the National Carnival for Queensland a minimum amount of rounds must be played in the local  AFLMQ. competition according to the criteria met as set out in the carnival eligibility document available from the zone delegates.  


  1. Pay the first kick or use the advantage rule.
  2. Give reasonable time to dispose of the ball (less emphasis on the tackler). 
  3. Free kick against players raising a leg when marking or spoiling from behind.
  4. Free kick where if 2 players are on the ground contesting the football – if a third player enters the contest a penalty is awarded to the opposing team.
  5. Strictly enforce the verbal abuse and complaints with the Green, Yellow and Red Card send off rule.
  6. 50 metre penalties apply.
  7. Ruckmen can come from any direction but only one from each team to contest the knock or throw in. At centre throw ups, the white line shall separate the ruckmen.
  8. Umpires and teams to assemble in the centre of the ground prior to the start of each game.
  9. Umpires to advise both verbally and by sign what a penalty kick is given for.
  10. Boundary umpires to be used when available - throw in is in force
  11. When boundary umpire not available the following proceedure to be followed: -
  12. Ball out of bounds by foot on the full - kick in by opposing team.
  13. Ball out of bounds by foot, not the on full or by hand - throw up 10 metres in by                         field umpire.
  14. All Red Card send offs to be recorded by umpires in the form of a report and handed to or sent to the Secretary of AFLMQ.

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