Often a source of confusion for new parents is scoring. It is important that parents understand scoring as it is expected that this responsibility will be shared across the season. The Team Manager will draw up a roster for parents to follow.

For each game there needs to be a scorer provided from both teams playing, one scorer will handle the update of the scoreboard and the other will update the scoresheet.

The Club will provide scoring training on request for teams. Please contact a member of the Committee if you require information.

A few tips to be aware of:

  • The coaches name should always be placed on the front of the scoresheet. By not doing so the team will lose one point from their total points on the ladder (that is not one point from the game score). This can affect your team's standing on the ladder. The reason to have the coach listed is for Working with Children requirements
  • Take note of players who are not listed on the scoresheet. Players who are registered to play will have their name printed on the scoresheet. There shoud be no need to write a name on the sheet. If a player's name is not printed on the scoresheet please discuss with our Registrar as a matter of urgeny.
  • Players must sign the back of the score sheet, not doing so will mean the players game is not counted towards their finals eligibility. Players must play a specific number of games each season to qualify for finals. Note: Players names written on the front of the scoresheet (not printed) will not count towards qualifying.
  • Any injuries must be recorded on the back of the scoresheet for insurance purposes. Please see the Injury Policy

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