Rules and By Laws

Basketball Rules

The general rules that cover basketball in Victoria can be viewed at Basketball Victoria.

Rules of the game (Basketball Victoria) 

Association Rules and By Laws

Each Association has different rules governing the operation of their programs and fixtures. 

Altona's basketball rules can be found via the link below.

Altona Basketball Association Rules

It is expected that Altona's rules will be updated late in 2017 for a refresh starting for the Winter season 2018.

Westgate Basketball Association By Laws

Representative Rules

Representative or "Rep" basketball is the next level up from the domestic basketball that Wembley Junior Basketball Club plays in. Our local Rep teams are Altona Gators or Westgate Imperials. Often players will play domestically and also go on and play Rep at a higher standard, with more coaching and time commitment.

The rules on how many rep players can play in a team or which grade a team plays in with rep players are different for each Association. These rules are often a cause of confusion. Please confirm the rules if your players are playing Rep basketball. Playing inelligible Rep players can cause those games to be forfeited and impact your teams chances of making finals or players being disqualified.

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