***PLEASE NOTE: New payment options are available (e.g. PoliPay - Direct Debit and PayPal)

As the Wembley Basketball Club is a non-profit Club, these fees are used to pay team registrations costs, weekly team fees, assisting with maintenance of training facilities, training materials and administration costs.

Seasonal Fees
All player fees are payable through the online Fox Sporting Pulse system.

Team Managers are responsible for bringing special cases to the attention of the Committee. The Committee will discuss these cases on an individual basis.

Fees for Summer 2018/19 Season

The Committee implemented a fee structure in 2016/17 that better represents the actual costs to the Club. Fees will be reviewed prior to each season.

Fees for Altona and Westgate teams are aligned.

Both associations will follow this fee structure. Ensure you register by the early bird date to get the best possible deal. (Due dates for each will vary per season and members will be notifed via email of these dates)

*******GET YOUR FEES PAID EARLY to get the early bird rate**********

Early Bird $150.00 (up to start of round 1)
Late Rego $200.00 (up to start of round 4)

*** See note at the top of the page with payment options from Summer 17/18 Season. Transaction costs will now be included in the season fees as the Club will be charged directly rather than after to creditcard or debit card holders. Payments will continue to be online.

Discounts for Committee, Coaches and Team Managers

There are no sibling discounts available. Early bird discounts have replaced this. If you are coaching you will be sent a separate link from your Team Manager.

  • Coaches receive a 50% discount on their child’s fees
  • Team Managers receive a 25% discount on their child’s fees
  • As of AGM October 2018 we will be introducing a 100% discount for Committee members (one child only)

Discount do not apply for late regitrations. 

Please contact treasurer@wembleybasketball.com.au with any questions.


How Fees Work

So how do the fees work? The Club Committee (through the Treasurer) look at income and expenses each season and determine a fee structure.  

At the end of the day, the Club Committee has to balance income and expenses making sure there is enough money to keep teams on the court and pay for initiatives. The main income for the Club are season fees and a small margin of revenue on uniforms. Occassionally we run fund raising activities (Bunnings BBQs, raffles or get some sponsorship) as well.

Our main expenses are team registrations at the beginning of each season paid to the Associations and then court fees or season team fees during the season. Different Associations have alternative fee structures. If teams make finals then obviously there may be more court fees for the Club to cover. As this is unknown at the start of the season the Club has to consider these contingent costs.

Since the Club moved to up front payment of fees through Sporting Pulse the time required to chase up bad debts has reduced. 


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