Mayoral Forum - Feb 2016

On Thursday 11th February, 2016, a Forum was held at Hobson’s Bay City Council Meeting rooms. Click here to read

The purpose of this meeting was to map out the future Netball and Basketball needs of Hobson’s Bay. The Mayor Councillor Peter Hemphill who chaired the meeting, asked all clubs to bring along data that would help them with their planning. This included membership data over the past 15 years, age and residence demographics within the club and the courts clubs have accessed over this time (both within or outside Hobson’s Bay). They were interested to learn if the data identifies any trends for the future. e.g. If clubs have a current shortage of courts, etc.

Representatives Basketball Victoria, Netball Australia, Altona Basketball Centre, Williamstown High School & all clubs which compete at Altona Stadium were present at the meeting, as well as several members of the council planning & recreation departments.

All clubs relayed the exact same concerns with not having enough courts in the local area to train teams as well as the lack of courts at Altona to accommodate growth in the competition in both Netball & Basketball.

See attached Williamstown Cannons Submission written by Kim Hoy