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'05 Giants(Thursday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

'you can do that'(Wednesday Men Div 3 (S16/17))

10/10's(Wednesday Men Div 5 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

10/10's(Wednesday Men Div 7 (S16/17))

21 Shump Street(Tuesday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Air Gordo's(Friday Junior League Blue (S16/17))

Airballers (Wednesday Men Div 3 (S16/17))

All Sorts(Wednesday Men Div 7 (S16/17))

All Stars(Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 2 (S16/17))

Ashby(Sunday Mixed Division 3 (S16/17))

AVERAGE STRANGERS S14/15(Wednesday Men Div 4 (S16/17))

AVG(Tuesday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Ball out for harambe (Tuesday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Ballerz(Tuesday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Ballin 501(Thursday Mens Division 5 (S16/17))

Belmont Celtics (Wednesday Men Div 3 (S16/17))

Benny and The Jets(Sunday Mixed Division 1/2 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Benny and The Jets(Sunday Mixed Division 3 (S16/17))

Big Snakes(Thursday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Black Panther Party(Thursday Mens Division 7 (S16/17))

Block It Like Its Hot (Friday Junior League Red (S16/17))

Blu Sox(Thursday Mens Division 5 (S16/17))

Blue Ballerz(Sunday Mixed Division 3 (S16/17))

BLUE THUNDER(Saturday Under 16 Boys (S16/17))

Bolton Baes(MONDAY 17 & Under (S16/17))

Brandon's Tuesday Night Team(Tuesday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

Brick City(Sunday Mixed Division 3 (S16/17))

Bucket squad (Friday Junior League Red (S16/17))

Bull Pelicans(Thursday Mens Division 6 (S16/17))

caucasian invasion(Friday Junior League Blue (S16/17))

CBF(Sunday Mixed Division 1/2 (S16/17))

CBF(Thursday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Celtics(Wednesday Men Div 2 (16/17))

Ceres(Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 2 (S16/17))

chicks dig air balls (Thursday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Chimp and the Gang(Thursday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Circle Dirk(Thursday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Clairvaux Hurricanes(Thursday Under 11 Div 2 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Clairvaux Hurricanes(Thursday Under 9 Mixed (S16/17))

Clairvaux Hurricanes(Thursday Under 11 Div 1 (S16/17))

Clairvaux Lightning(Thursday Under 11 Div 2 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Clairvaux Lightning(Thursday Under 9 Mixed (S16/17))

Clairvaux Thunder(Thursday Under 11 Div 1 (S16/17))

Clairvaux Titans(Thursday Under 11 Div 2 (S16/17))

corio Kings(Tuesday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Cornered Badgers(Thursday Mens Division 6 (S16/17))

Crabs(Thursday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Crocagators(Tuesday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Dank Squad(Friday Junior League Blue (S16/17))

Davidsons Bean Counters(Wednesday Men Div 2 (16/17))

Deakin Dinosaurs(Wednesday Men Div 3 (S16/17))

Deakin Dragons(Sunday Mixed Division 1/2 (S16/17))

Deakin Green(Tuesday Womens Division 2 (S16/17))

Deakin Green(Wednesday Men Div 3 (S16/17))

Diggers(Thursday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

DILLIGAF(Tuesday Womens Division 3 (S16/17))

Disciples (Thursday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

Dookies S14/15(Wednesday Men Div 6 (S16/17))

Double Droppers(Wednesday Men Div 2 (16/17))

Doug Jr(Thursday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Duck Rockaz(Thursday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Eagles(Wednesday Men Div 6 (S16/17))

Earthworm Jims(Wednesday Men Div 2 (16/17))

Edgy AF(Sunday Mixed Division 3 (S16/17))

El Torros(Tuesday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

flaming wigs(Thursday Mens Division 5 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

flaming wigs(Wednesday Grade 3/4 Mixed (S16/17))

Flint Tropics(Friday Junior League Red (S16/17))

Flyte(Thursday Mens Division 6 (S16/17))

Frequency Vibrations(Friday Junior League Blue (S16/17))

Friendly Fire(Wednesday Men Div 6 (S16/17))

FTPM(Thursday Mens Division 6 (S16/17))

Funky Town Tigers(Tuesday Womens Division 2 (S16/17))

Fur Bikinis(Wednesday Men Div 3 (S16/17))

gamblords(Wednesday Men Div 1 (S16/17))

Garden State Warriors(Wednesday Men Div 2 (16/17))

GeeTroit Misfits(Wednesday Men Div 5 (S16/17))

Geetroit Pistons(Wednesday Men Div 5 (S16/17))

Gentleman's Club(Thursday Mens Division 7 (S16/17))

Giants(Sunday Mixed Division 3 (S16/17))

Go Go's(Friday Daytime Ladies (S16/17))

Goonies (Thursday Mens Division 5 (S16/17))

Grocery Boys (Wednesday Men Div 4 (S16/17))

Highton Hurricanes(Thursday Under 11 Div 2 (S16/17))

Hinrich Manoeuvre(Thursday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Hogs(Tuesday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Holy Spirit(Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 2 (S16/17))

Hoodlums(Wednesday Men Div 4 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Hoodlums(Wednesday Men Div 5 (S16/17))

Hoops I did it again(MONDAY 17 & Under (S16/17))

Hustle(Wednesday Men Div 6 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Hustle(Wednesday Men Div 5 (S16/17))

I Get Buckets(Tuesday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Jetts(Tuesday Womens Division 3 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Jetts(Tuesday Womens Division 2 (S16/17))

Jizzaster(Thursday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

John Wall-E(Tuesday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Jugglers(Sunday Mixed Division 1/2 (S16/17))

Kardinia Cobras(Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 2 (S16/17))

Kardinia Crocs(Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 1 (S16/17))

Kardinia Kangas(Wednesday Grade 3/4 Mixed (S16/17))

Knicks(Tuesday Womens Division 1 (S16/17))

L.M.B. S14/15(Wednesday Men Div 3 (S16/17))

Lazer Sharks(Wednesday Men Div 7 (S16/17))

Lebronsons(Wednesday Men Div 1 (S16/17))

Lit(Wednesday Men Div 1 (S16/17))

MAD HOLDENZ(Friday Junior League Red (S16/17))

Mandama Slammers(Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 1 (S16/17))

Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch(Tuesday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Mavericks(Wednesday Men Div 7 (S16/17))

Mayhem(Wednesday Men Div 2 (16/17))

Meadowlark Lemons(Thursday Mens Division 6 (S16/17))

Mervyn Heat(Thursday Mens Division 7 (S16/17))

Mick's Specials (Tuesday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Mick's Specials (Tuesday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Mighty Grain Weevils(Tuesday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Million Dollar Men(Thursday Mens Division 5 (S16/17))

Minions(Sunday Mixed Division 3 (S16/17))

MISFITS(Sunday Mixed Division 1/2 (S16/17))

Moriac Chargers(Wednesday Grade 3/4 Mixed (S16/17))

Mount Duneed (Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 2 (S16/17))

Mountain Goats(Thursday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Muffin Tops(Friday Daytime Ladies (S16/17))

Multiple Scoregasms(Wednesday Men Div 5 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Multiple Scoregasms(Wednesday Men Div 4 (S16/17))

NBB(Tuesday Womens Division 3 (S16/17))

Northern Nuggets(Thursday Mens Division 6 (S16/17))

Nothing But Nets(Tuesday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

Old Knights(Tuesday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Old Knights(Tuesday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

Oldschool(Thursday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

Panthers(Sunday Mixed Division 3 (S16/17))

Pass the pill Hapgood(Sunday Mixed Division 1/2 (S16/17))

Pass The Rock Lamar(Wednesday Men Div 2 (16/17))

Paying a $1.10(Tuesday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

Phoenix(Wednesday Men Div 5 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Phoenix(Wednesday Men Div 6 (S16/17))

Pie People(Thursday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Pigs Might Fly(Sunday Mixed Division 3 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Pigs Might Fly(Sunday Mixed Division 1/2 (S16/17))

Pippen ain't easy(Wednesday Men Div 6 (S16/17))

Pivot City(Wednesday Men Div 1 (S16/17))

Princess and Cupcakes(Sunday Mixed Division 1/2 (S16/17))

Purple Beasts(Tuesday Womens Division 2 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Purple Beasts(Tuesday Womens Division 1 (S16/17))

Rams(Thursday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

raptors(Tuesday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Raptors(Thursday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

Rip City(Friday Junior League Blue (S16/17))

Rockets(Sunday Mixed Division 1/2 (S16/17))

Scallops(Tuesday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

Shake and Bake(Sunday Mixed Division 1/2 (S16/17))

Shojun Dogs (Thursday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Short on Skills(Wednesday Men Div 6 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Short on Skills(Wednesday Men Div 5 (S16/17))

Skylanders(Thursday Under 11 Div 1 (S16/17))

Slam Phillips(Tuesday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Slambassadors(Wednesday Men Div 5 (S16/17))

Slydogs(Thursday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

Smokin 3's(Friday Junior League Red (S16/17))

Smoothe Moves(Friday Junior League Red (S16/17))

South Geelong(Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 2 (S16/17))

South West(Wednesday Men Div 7 (S16/17))

Spartans(Thursday Mens Division 7 (S16/17))

Splash Bros(Thursday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

St John's(Thursday Under 9 Mixed (S16/17))

St Margaret's Rangers(Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 1 (S16/17))

St Margarets Kings(Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 2 (S16/17))

St Margarets Warriors(Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 1 (S16/17))

Straight outta Kmart(Tuesday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

Stratel Stallions(Wednesday Men Div 6 (S16/17))

Stulle Samples(Thursday Mens Division 5 (S16/17))

Summer Ballers(Thursday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Sure Fit(Friday Daytime Ladies (S16/17))

Swagger(Friday Daytime Ladies (S16/17))

Taipans(Tuesday Womens Division 2 (S16/17))

Team Australia(Tuesday Womens Division 3 (S16/17))

Team lads(Friday Junior League Blue (S16/17))

Thanks for Coming(Thursday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Thats how you do it(Thursday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

The A-Team(Wednesday Men Div 2 (16/17))

The Beaters(Wednesday Men Div 2 (16/17))

The Beavers(Tuesday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

The Boys(Wednesday Men Div 7 (S16/17))

The Bruces(Wednesday Men Div 7 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

The Bruces(Wednesday Men Div 6 (S16/17))

The Cobras(Thursday Under 9 Mixed (S16/17))

The Cunning Stunts(Thursday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

The Dreamcream(Thursday Mens Division 7 (S16/17))

The Flint Michigan Tropics(Thursday Mens Division 7 (S16/17))

The Foundlings(Tuesday Womens Division 1 (S16/17))

The Generals(Tuesday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

The good goons (Wednesday Men Div 7 (S16/17))

The Hacks(Tuesday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

The Hacks(Tuesday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

The Monstars(Wednesday Men Div 5 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

The Monstars(Wednesday Men Div 4 (S16/17))

The Muppets(Thursday Mens Division 5 (S16/17))

The Pajeros(Thursday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

The Pajeros(Thursday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

The Predators(Thursday Mens Division 5 (S16/17))

The Regulators(Thursday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

The Rim Ticklers (Friday Junior League Red (S16/17))

The Runaways(Tuesday Womens Division 3 (S16/17))

The SalesMahns(Thursday Mens Division 7 (S16/17))

The Sloths(Sunday Mixed Division 3 (S16/17))

The Strokers(Thursday Mens Division 7 (S16/17))

The supersonics (Thursday Mens Division 6 (S16/17))

The terrace boys(Thursday Mens Division 7 (S16/17))

The Tropics(Thursday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Threes For Days(Friday Junior League Blue (S16/17))

Tigers(Tuesday Womens Division 1 (S16/17))

Tim shooting tim duncan (Tuesday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Tim shooting tim duncan (Tuesday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Titans(Thursday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

To 3 or not to 3(Wednesday Men Div 2 (16/17))

Tourettes(Thursday Mens Division 6 (S16/17))

Traffic Cones (Thursday Mens Division 6 (S16/17))

Travellers(Sunday Mixed Division 1/2 (S16/17))

TRT(Wednesday Men Div 4 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

TRT(Wednesday Men Div 5 (S16/17))

TYZ(Tuesday Womens Division 3 (S16/17))

Uncle Drew's(Thursday Mens Division 3 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Uncle Drew's(Thursday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Urdadsyamum(Friday Junior League Red (S16/17))

Violet Warriors(Wednesday Men Div 4 (S16/17))

Waikikamukau(Tuesday Mens Division 1 (S16/17))

wannabe like mike(Thursday Mens Division 4 (S16/17))

Weapon X(Wednesday Men Div 1 (S16/17))

WHITE POINTERS(Thursday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

Wii not Fit(Friday Junior League Blue (S16/17))

Wildcats(Friday Junior League Red (S16/17))

Wildcats (geelong east)(Wednesday Grade 5/6 Div 2 (S16/17))

Previously Associated Competitions

Wildcats (geelong east)(Wednesday Grade 3/4 Mixed (S16/17))

Wolves of Ball Street(Wednesday Men Div 3 (S16/17))

Woodstocks(Tuesday Mens Division 2 (S16/17))

XO's(Sunday Mixed Division 3 (S16/17))

Yeah(Wednesday Men Div 4 (S16/17))

Youngbloods(Wednesday Men Div 2 (16/17))