Round 4 BYE

Collect some early season brownie points and enjoy the weekend off taking caring of some of the chores at home



Next Game 


Balwyn V Doncaster  

Saturday 5th May 


 Seniors 2.10 pm

Reserves 12.05 pm

Under 19's 10.00 am 



We ventured out to the desolate spaces near the Police Paddocks to face Rowville.

After coming off 2 losses in a row to launch the 4Peat campaign, better things had to be in store.

Rowville kicked with a bit of a breeze and slotted 3 goals to get the jump early.

The Tigers steadied to stem the flow, with Chergwin kicking 2 goals to be behind at quarter time for the 3rd week in a  row.  

Kicking with the wind in the 2nd, the Tigers rallied by chasing, tackling and pressuring the Hawks to claw back most of the 1/4 time gap.

Again stray kicking was hurting (4.11) Not ideal but this would allow the boys to show new coach Marty Pask what it means to wear a Balwyn Tigers jumper.

In the 3rd, some of the old heads and new recruits prevailed with the Tigers taking control. Cross, Roach, John Simpkin and Pendlebury had solid quarters and some of the famous Balwyn link running returned for the first time in 2017.

The 4th Quarter was dominated by the Tigers running with the breeze to eventually salute the judges by 11 points to leap from the bottom of the ladder to eighth.


FINAL   Rowville 12.7-79     Defeated By Balwyn 12.18-90


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Division 1 Seniors Ladder

1st Division Seniors 2017
1 North Ringwood 8
2 Vermont 8
3 South Croydon 8
4 Noble Park 8
5 Blackburn 8
6 East Ringwood 4
7 Doncaster 4
8 Balwyn 4
9 Rowville 0
10 Norwood 0
11 Montrose 0
12 Bayswater 0

Divison 1 Reserves Ladder

1st Division Reserves 2017
1 Rowville 8
2 Vermont 8
3 Blackburn 8
4 Noble Park 4
5 South Croydon 4
6 East Ringwood 4
7 Montrose 4
8 North Ringwood 4
9 Doncaster 4
10 Bayswater 0
11 Norwood 0
12 Balwyn 0

Division 1 U19's Ladder

1st Division U19s 2017
1 Vermont 12
2 Noble Park 8
3 Rowville 4
4 Blackburn 4
5 North Ringwood 4
6 Doncaster 4
7 Norwood 4
8 East Ringwood 4
9 Montrose 4
10 South Croydon 4
11 Balwyn 0

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