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Saturday 14th SEPTEMBER 2019 at 2.10pm








Saturday 21st SEPTEMBER 2019 at 12.05pm



Preliminary Final action this Saturday for the Seniors who will take on Blackburn for the right to have another crack at Vermont in the Grand Final.

We hope to see all Tiger fans there cheering te boys home!

Congratulations to our Reserves on their 18 point victory on Saturday, earning them the week off,   and direct passage to the Grand Final! Go Tigers!!!


Rocket's Recap




The Love Story

A heavy track at Bayswater after a few days of rain was always going to lead to a tough tight contest against Vermont.
Our focus for the day was basic footy.  We knew it was going to be a scrap, and that opportunities would have to be taken.  We started pretty poorly.  We tried to play a bit more to a dry type of day than the wet conditions we had. We overused the ball and turned it over.  This gave Vermont the chances they needed to put some scores on the board.  We were able to get some late push in the quarter to only be down 1 point at quarter time.
We started the second quarter in much the same way.  We were winning a bit of the ball through the likes of Tags, Veitch and Urbs in the middle, but just didn't use it well. We also gave ourselves a few opportunities but couldn't kick a major for the quarter.  Thankfully our defensive grouped held up really well, rebounding all the entries that came their way.  Beddo, AB and Charlie returned the ball as quickly as it came in whilst negating their opponents from getting any quality ball.
The second half saw us finally start playing more to the conditions and more team based footy.  Noah had a great second half providing us with great drive from the wing.  Jimmy Forrest and Northy gave us some great targets, and opened up space for Xavier in the forward line.  We also pressured the ball better and created turnovers in dangerous areas leading to us slowly getting some ascendancy, leading by 5 points at 3/4 time.
The last quarter was still very much in the balance, but we were able to make some big plays in big moments and finish the hard work.  A great win against quality opposition. 
We now wait to see who we take on in the Grand Final in to weeks.  Either way it will be a side we have played this finals series in Vermont or Blackburn.  We look forward to the challenge that awaits us.




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Division 1 Seniors Ladder

Premier Division Seniors 2019
1 Vermont 68
2 Balwyn 56
3 Blackburn 52
4 Rowville 48
5 South Croydon 40
6 Norwood 40
7 Noble Park 24
8 Doncaster 16
9 North Ringwood 12
10 Montrose 4

Divison 1 Reserves Ladder

Premier Division Reserves 2019
1 Vermont 62
2 Balwyn 62
3 Blackburn 60
4 Rowville 52
5 Norwood 36
6 South Croydon 32
7 Noble Park 32
8 Montrose 16
9 North Ringwood 4
10 Doncaster 4

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