Applications are invited for the following Coaching positions for

The 2019 EFL season

Senior Assistant Coaches

Development Squad Coach

Under 19 Coach

The Knox Football Club is seeking applications from suitable candidates that are interested in working with and further developing the potential of our young playing group.

Our coaching staff are assisted by our innovative Strength & Conditioning coaching staff and extremely experienced Trainers.

Successful candidates will be required to work closely with our highly experienced Senior Coach – David Madigan

The Knox Football Club is a strong community based family club.

Expressions of interest will be treated in confidence and can be directed by email to the President Jane Barbanti at

For further information call the Director of Football -

Joe Aiello ph: 0411 373 703


Presidents Report - July 2018

A few months ago I sent out a Presidents report full of inspiration and the hope of making a difference in my role as President of the Knox Football Club. I was hoping to introduce some fresh new ideas and work on our Club Culture and Player Welfare. 

Our Player Welfare initiative, Outside the Locker Room, has been very well received with a high level of attendance and involvement from all our players – both male and female.  The feedback has been very positive and hopefully this program has better equipped our young adults with managing depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse and basically trying to deal with this adult world.

 Culture - It’s not a dirty word although it seems to be held up as a cutting criticism of an unsuccessful club. Club culture involves so much more than on-field success. The culture of our club is reflected in the values, beliefs, behaviours and expectations that our club holds. Creation of a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment, depicting a positive image, having our club be a place where people want to spend their time and becoming more respected by the community and other clubs.

 As you are all aware we struggled to fill a side against Vermont and ended up having to forfeit. This is not a position we ever wanted to be in, this was not a decision made lightly and whilst not surprising, was extremely disappointing.

 In the aftermath of that I was interviewed by the Leader newspaper and the report was pretty bleak – to say the least.  What a shame they haven’t done a follow up story - perhaps we should change our mascot from a falcon to a phoenix, because last week we rose from the ashes!!

 The Falcon community rallied together and 8 amazing men stepped up and offered to help boost our struggling numbers and don the Knox guernsey. I sincerely thank and admire Scott Woodward, Jeremy Bourke, Dennis Porcellato, Callum Mactier, Jarrod Allen, Gordon McCafferty, Charlie Griffin and Scott Gillan – the Knox community thanks you also. This is the kind of Club Culture we need to encourage - protecting the reputation of the Knox Football Club in the face of criticism, above all other considerations.

 I had not seen so many smiling faces around the club all season – the atmosphere and morale was electric. Even though the result wasn’t great the boost it gave to supporters, players and volunteers alike was incredible.

 So… I think we are getting there

Jane Barbanti - President


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Club Uniform 

All players and coaching staff of the Knox Football Club

are required to be dressed in the following attire on the way to and from all

Home and Away games:

Black Pants, Black Shoes, Club Polo Top and/or Club Hoodie

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1st Division Seniors 2018
1 Vermont 52
2 South Croydon 52
3 Doncaster 48
4 Rowville 44
5 Blackburn 44
6 Balwyn 36
7 Norwood 32
8 Noble Park 24
9 North Ringwood 20
10 Montrose 20
11 East Ringwood 8
12 Knox 4

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1st Division Reserves 2018
1 Vermont 60
2 Blackburn 56
3 South Croydon 52
4 Rowville 52
5 Doncaster 36
6 Norwood 32
7 East Ringwood 24
8 North Ringwood 24
9 Montrose 22
10 Noble Park 12
11 Knox 8
12 Balwyn 6


1st Division U19s 2018
1 Vermont 92.86
2 Blackburn 75.00
3 Noble Park 73.33
4 Norwood 57.14
5 Rowville 50.00
6 Balwyn 42.86
7 Knox 25.00
8 North Ringwood 18.75
9 Montrose 0.00