Player Code of Conduct

Knox Football Club

Player Code of Conduct



1.1 Commitment and consultation

The Knox Football Club (“KFC”) represents KFC Players participating in the Eastern Football League (“EFL”) competition. The KFC and its members are committed to promoting the positive image of EFL Players and their professional and proper conduct.

With these aims in mind, the KFC has agreed to formulate this Code of Conduct (“the Code”) for its players.

1.2 Purpose

The Code seeks to promote and strengthen the good reputation of Australian Rules Football, the KFC and the EFL by establishing standards of performance and behaviour for KFC players. The primary focus of the Code is to educate Players on the importance of maintaining appropriate standards and to provide further education, counselling and other assistance to Players whose conduct does not conform to the appropriate standard and on the adverse affect such conduct may have on the standing and reputation of the game, the KFC, the EFL, and the player himself.

Subject to any obligations set out within this Code, a KFC Player is entitled to have his privacy including that of his family and friends respected whenever possible.

Where a Player’s conduct attracts some form of discipline under this Code, it is the intention that Club Management and Leadership Group representatives have regard to the desire to impose Alternative Sanctions (as defined in clause 9 of this Code) rather than monetary forfeitures wherever practicable.

It is important to note that under the KFC Player Contract conduct of a serious nature can lead to a player being delisted by his Club or summarily dismissed, but that the parties are also desirous of utilising Alternative Sanctions where appropriate, to ensure that any sanctions to be imposed on KFC Players are commensurate to the conduct that places them in breach of this Code, and/or KFC Rules and Regulations, and/or Team Rules and that there is also an educational and remedial slant to the sanctions applicable to breaches.


2.1 Behaviour

KFC Players aspire to the highest standards of sportsmanship and professional conduct.

KFC Players must conduct themselves in a manner so as not to bring Australian Rules football, the EFL and other EFL Players into disrepute.

This clause applies to a Player’s behaviour which:

(i) Occurs during the course of any match, training session, Club or KFC function, camp or tour, including travelling to and from related commitments; or

(ii) Involves public comment or comments made to the media; or

(iii) Involves criminal conduct which directly impacts in a material way upon the Player’s ability to perform his duties as an Australian Rules footballer or impacts upon the reputation of the KFC or the EFL in any way; or

(iv) Involves conduct deemed by his KFC Club and the Club’s Leadership Group (or senior players of the Club if no such group exists) in accordance with clause 5 of this Code to be have brought the EFL and/or the KFC into disrepute.

2.2 Playing

KFC Players must not wilfully engage or participate in any activity which may cause or aggravate any injury or illness and which prevents KFC Players from playing EFL Football to the best of the individual’s ability.

2.3 Fitness

KFC Players must present themselves at all KFC Matches; KFC Club training sessions and other related activities in an acceptable state of fitness.

An acceptable state of fitness may be determined by the KFC.

2.4 Attendance and apparel

KFC Players must (unless granted express permission otherwise or provide an explanation satisfactory to the KFC) attend when selected, and attend punctually, all EFL Matches, Club training and related events.

A KFC Player must wear appropriate apparel as directed by the committee during all EFL Matches, KFC training, EFL functions and KFC functions when carrying out his obligations as a member.

KFC Players are to arrive and depart from all game day matches wearing correct club apparel being: Club Puma Track Pants/Black Slacks, Club Polo, Club Hoodie &/or Club Jacket

2.5 Functions

KFC Players must (unless granted express permission otherwise) attend mandatory social events as advised during the year, including but not limited to:

After Match Presentations held at the Knox Club

Player organised Functions

Major Social Functions

Junior Finals Duties

Presentation Night

2.6 Property

KFC Players must show due regard for the property and facilities of the EFL, KFC and staff of those bodies and the property, facilities and staff of other providers (including hotel, bus and aeroplane operators) which a KFC player may utilise during any authorised activities in which the KFC Player may be engaged. Where an KFC Player breaches this provision, he may be required to pay the relevant person or body an amount equivalent to the cost of repairing or replacing the damage the Player caused to the property and/or facility.

2.7 Confidentiality of Club Information

KFC Players must maintain the confidentiality of all material provided in confidence by the KFC to Players. Such material may without limitation include details of training methods, coaching manuals, team selections and records of a confidential nature of the KFC.

2.8 Membership Fee Policy

KFC operates as a not for profit organisation. All fees are calculated on a cost-only basis. Any supplementary income derived from sponsorship, fundraising activities and other operations is returned to the club for the benefit of players and representative teams/players.

(i)              Payment :

A minimum of 50% of fees are payable on registration. A player must be fully financial by the commencement of Round 3 of competition. Any player who is not partially financial will be unable to participate in games until such time as this has been rectified. Any player with outstanding fees from the previous season will be unable to play until such time as fees are fully paid.

The club reserves the right to consider payment plans on a case-by-case basis, upon application to the Treasurer.

(ii)            Refund:

Players withdrawing from membership prior to the first game, a full refund less a 10% administration fee will be refunded. Players withdrawing from membership prior to the completion of the third round of matches, a 50% refund will be given. After the completion of Round 3, no refund will be given. As a result of injury, a pro rata refund less any premiums forfeited.

The club reserves the right to review any application for refund on a case-by-case basis, upon application to the Treasurer.


3.1 Development of Team Rules

The KFC may, after consultation with its Player Leadership Group (where such a group exists) and the senior coach of the KFC, introduce team rules which are supplementary to this Code and do not replace or extend the general obligations on KFC Players as set out in this Code (“Team Rules”).

Such Team Rules shall only deal with the detailed requirements of the Club specific to the general Player responsibilities set out in clause 2 above.

3.2 Notification of Team Rules and Club Policies

When the KFC seeks to introduce Team Rules or Club Policies it shall be obliged to outline such rules or policies to a meeting of players and provide a copy of the rules or policies to each Player prior to such Team Rules coming into effect.


It is noted that certain obligations are imposed upon KFC Players; such obligations are set out in Schedule A to this Code.


5.1 Minor Breaches

(a) Except where clause 5.2 applies, where an KFC Player’s conduct breaches a provision of this Code (including a Team Rule) the disciplinary action to be taken by the KFC shall be determined by the Player Leadership Group (to be approved by KFC Committee, whose approval may not be unreasonably withheld), or where no Player Leadership Group exists, by the KFC Committee in consultation with senior players.

Examples of conduct, which should be dealt with under this provision, include but are not limited to:

(i)              Being late for or failing to attend a training, rehabilitation or weight session;


(ii)            Being late for a match;


(iii)           Missing a function or promotional appearance;


(iv)           Missing a medical or physiotherapy appointment;


(v)             Wearing incorrect apparel; and


(vi)           Other conduct of a similar nature or having similar effect.

(b) In determining the disciplinary action to be taken under the Code, the Player Leadership Group of the KFC shall take into account the following matters:

(i)              The seriousness of the breach;

(ii)            Whether the offence has been repeated by the Player; and

(iii)           The appropriateness of Alternative Sanctions (as defined in clause 9) to monetary forfeitures.

(c) Where monetary forfeitures are imposed, the amount of the forfeiture shall be no greater than:

(i) 1st breach Forfeiture of up to $50, or the ticket value of the function

(ii) Other breaches Forfeiture of up to $200

5.2 Serious or Persistent Breaches

(a) Where a breach/es of a provision/s of the Code involves:

(i) A serious breach of the provisions of the Code;

(ii) Persistent failures by a Player to adhere to the provisions of this Code; or

(iii) Public conduct by a Player that brings the KFC and the EFL into disrepute;
the disciplinary action to be taken by KFC shall be determined by the KFC Committee and, except in exceptional circumstances, such determination shall be made in consultation with the Club’s Player Leadership Group or senior players where no Player Leadership Group exists.

(b) In determining the disciplinary action to be taken under the Code, the KFC Committee shall take into account the following matters:

(i) The seriousness of the breach;

(ii) The extent to which the KFC Player’s breach brings the EFL or the KFC into disrepute;

(iii) The Player’s role in the events that led to the breach and any mitigating circumstances (if any);

(iv) Whether the offence is part of a persistent course of conduct by the Player;

(v) The income of the Player;

(vi) Whether the Player has received any other form of sanction for the conduct; and

(vii) The appropriateness of Alternative Sanctions or omission from EFL matches as alternatives to monetary forfeitures.

(c) Where monetary forfeitures are imposed by the Club, the amount of the forfeiture shall be for:

(i) 1st breach Forfeiture of up to $1000

(ii) Other breaches Forfeiture ranging from $1000 to $2,000

5.3 Forfeitures

(a) The maximum allowable amount that the KFC may withhold from amounts, which are due to the relevant Player for breach of this Code, are specified in this Code.

(b) The amounts that may be forfeited by a KFC Player are not cumulative. That is, a single act by a KFC Player may breach several clauses of this Code, but the forfeiture of monetary amounts must be no more than the highest single, applicable maximum.

(c) Where an KFC Player breaches this Code in a manner which amounts to non-performance of the obligations under his Playing Contract, the KFC shall be entitled to withhold from any amount due to the Player the amount applicable to the breach as provided in this Code.

(d) Where in any one-year an amount/s is forfeited by a KFC Player under this Code, the Club and the Player shall immediately prior to the end of the relevant year enter into a Variation of Payment Agreement recording the reduction.

(e) The KFC may, in its absolute discretion, suspend the imposition of a sanction to be imposed on a Player for a breach of the Code, provided that the Club gives written notice to the Player of his breach of the Code, details of the intended sanction and the circumstances under which it might be imposed in the future.



(a) Before seeking formal review as provided in sub-clause (b) below, the KFC must undertake to fully investigate, consider and, if so requested by the relevant Player, review its decision to impose a disciplinary measure on a Player for breach of this Code.

(b) If such informal review fails to satisfactorily resolve the Player’s
dispute, the relevant Player may formally appeal (within 72 hours from the date of the KFC’s decision to impose a disciplinary measure) to a Dispute Resolution Panel.

(c) The Dispute Resolution Panel shall consist of the President of the KFC (or other KFC appointee), a delegate from the Player Leadership Group, and a third party appointed by the mutual agreement of the KFC and the Player Leadership Group.

(d) The Dispute Resolution Panel must conduct a fresh investigation of the alleged breach by the relevant Player and form its own view about the appropriate disciplinary measure, if any, to be taken. Its decision must be made within 72 hours from the date when the relevant Player first instituted his appeal and must be communicated in writing to the Player.

(e) The decision of the Dispute Resolution Panel shall be final and binding on the relevant Player.

(f) The time limits set out in this clause may be extended by agreement between the Player and the KFC.

(g) For the avoidance of doubt, the intention of this clause and the Dispute Resolution Panel is to include a third party independent of the original decision that has been made in relation to a breach of the Code by a Player.


Where an KFC Player breaches the provisions of this Code, the KFC may, if it decides to take any action, only take action against the Player under either the Code or the Player’s Contract but not both.

Notwithstanding the provisions of this clause, the KFC shall be entitled to withhold any amount forfeited for breach of this Code.


The KFC and the KFC Players must use their best endeavours to ensure that any matters arising out of or relating to alleged conduct of an KFC Player in breach of this Code (including but not limited to details of any sanction imposed, unless otherwise mutually agreed between the KFC and the Player) shall remain confidential and are not disclosed to any third party unless expressly agreed to by the relevant Club and Player concerned.

For the avoidance of doubt, all parties agree that the confidentiality intended to be protected by this provision does not preclude the KFC or Player announcing to a third party that there has been a breach of the Code and that it has been dealt with by the KFC and the Player and the manner by which it has been dealt with.


Unless the contrary intention appears, the following words have the meanings set out below:

(a) “Alternative Sanctions” means requiring a KFC Player to do, any one or more of the following in lieu of a monetary forfeiture as prescribed by this Code:

(i) Attend a promotional event or Club activity;

(ii) Provide a community service;

(iii) Attend a football clinic;

(iv) Specific performance of the activity, service or commitment not undertaken by the Player; and/or

(v) Attend or perform any other similar event or activity as agreed between the KFC Player and the KFC.

As a general rule, the sanction of an additional appearance at a promotional event or football clinic should only apply where the Player has missed such an activity.

(b) “Player Leadership Group” means the group of KFC Players in the KFC appointed by the Club or elected within the Club to provide leadership to the playing group within the Club and/or to be focal point for consultation on behalf of the playing group with the Club.



KFC Players must refrain from making any comment that vilifies or tends to vilify persons on the basis of their race, religion, colour, sex, sexual orientation or other related characteristics.

Substance Abuse

KFC Players must refrain from the taking of illicit and/or performance-enhancing Substances.

Public Comment

KFC Players must not make adverse public comments concerning EFL Umpires or decisions made by EFL Umpires during EFL Matches.

KFC Players must not make any public comments whatsoever concerning any aspect of an EFL Tribunal hearing, either before or after such hearing, even if the KFC Player is personally involved in such hearing.

Respect and Responsibility

The KFC has a commitment to providing safe and supportive environments for women within football and the broader community.


KFC Players may promote the interests of Clubs’ Sponsors. Furthermore, KFC Players must not accept any sponsorship, endorsement or other commercial arrangement which would compel or require them to promote or endorse any supplier of goods and/or services which compete with KFC sponsors.

Heritage Round

KFC Players may be required to honour a Heritage Round throughout the season. In the case of a Heritage Round players forgo match payments with the round being determined by the KFC Committee and, except in exceptional circumstances, such determination shall be made in consultation with the Club’s Player Leadership Group or senior players where no Player Leadership Group exists. 

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1st Division Seniors 2018
1 Vermont 60
2 South Croydon 56
3 Doncaster 56
4 Rowville 48
5 Blackburn 48
6 Balwyn 40
7 Norwood 34
8 Noble Park 32
9 North Ringwood 26
10 Montrose 20
11 East Ringwood 8
12 Knox 4

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1st Division Reserves 2018
1 Vermont 64
2 Blackburn 60
3 South Croydon 60
4 Rowville 60
5 Doncaster 44
6 Norwood 34
7 North Ringwood 30
8 East Ringwood 24
9 Montrose 22
10 Balwyn 14
11 Noble Park 12
12 Knox 8


1st Division U19s 2018
1 Vermont 93.33
2 Blackburn 72.22
3 Noble Park 70.59
4 Norwood 62.50
5 Rowville 50.00
6 Balwyn 40.00
7 Knox 25.00
8 North Ringwood 22.22
9 Montrose 0.00