Concussion Policy


Knox Football Club

Concussion Policy


Following the introduction of the new concussion management guidelines for the 2013 AFL season, the AFL Medical Officers Association has produced guidelines for community football. The guidelines are for trainers, first-aid providers, coaches, umpires, club officials and parents and should be understood and followed by all parties for the benefit and welfare of the players. Knox Football Club adheres to these guidelines.

 The following policy applies to all players of Knox Football Club; this includes (19’s, reserves and seniors players):

Training / Game Day:

  • Any player who has suffered a concussion or is suspected of having a concussion must be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM PLAY.
  • All players with concussion or suspected concussion need an urgent medical assessment (with a registered medical doctor). This assessment can be provided by a medical doctor, local general practice or hospital emergency department.
  • Any sports trainer of Knox Football Club may deem a player has a suspected concussion and has the responsibility to remove the player from play IMMEDIATELY.
  • Trainers should not be swayed by the opinions of coaches, players, or others suggesting a premature return to play. Conversely, coaches must, in accordance with the AFL Coaches Code of Conduct, not put undue pressure on trainers or players to make such decisions.


Returning to Play:

  • Players must return to play in a graduated fashion, and the rehabilitation MUST BE supervised by a medical practitioner (GP or Specialist).
  • A player with suspected concussion must be withdrawn from playing or training until fully evaluated by a medical practitioner and cleared to play, with specified date of return to play.
  • A concussed player must not be allowed to return to play before having a medical clearance.

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1st Division Seniors 2018
1 Vermont 36
2 Doncaster 28
3 South Croydon 28
4 Blackburn 24
5 Rowville 20
6 Balwyn 20
7 North Ringwood 20
8 Norwood 16
9 Noble Park 12
10 Montrose 8
11 East Ringwood 4
12 Knox 0

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1st Division Reserves 2018
1 Vermont 36
2 Blackburn 36
3 South Croydon 28
4 Rowville 28
5 Doncaster 24
6 North Ringwood 20
7 Norwood 16
8 East Ringwood 12
9 Knox 8
10 Noble Park 4
11 Montrose 4
12 Balwyn 0

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1st Division U19s 2018
1 Vermont 100.00
2 Blackburn 88.89
3 Rowville 66.67
4 Norwood 64.29
5 Noble Park 56.25
6 Knox 25.00
7 North Ringwood 22.22
8 Balwyn 14.29
9 Montrose 0.00