Team Colours

Team Colours

Please find below of list of all Subiaco teams and their colours for 2017. This will help coaches/managers with clash uniforms when playing other Subi teams.

The sets of clash uniforms will need to be collected by the first named team in the fixtures if both teams have the same colour playing tops.

The club's clash cupboard is in the row of cupboards facing the car park at Bendat. It is cupboard 18 and is named “Subiaco Clash Cupboard”.

Please note, if you are playing at Lords, you will need to collect your clash set singlets well prior to your game.

Clash set singlets should be collected by the manager at the end of the game, washed and returned to the cupboard the next week.


Competition name Team Number Singlet colour
U8 development SU 200 Yellow
  SU 201 Maroon
Girls miniball SU 203 Yellow
  SU 205 Maroon
  SU 207 Maroon
Boys miniball SU 204 Yellow
  SU 206 Maroon
  SU 208 Yellow
  SU 210 Yellow
  SU 212 Maroon
  SU 214 Maroon
  SU 216 Maroon
Girls under 12 SU 211 Yellow
  SU 213 Yellow
  SU 215 Yellow
  SU 217 Maroon
  SU 219 Yellow
Boys under 12 SU 218 Maroon
  SU 220 Maroon
  SU 222 Maroon
  SU 224 Yellow
  SU 226 Yellow
  SU 228 Maroon
Girls under 14 SU 221 Maroon
  SU 223 Yellow
  SU 225 Maroon
  SU 227 Maroon
Boys under 14 SU 230 Yellow
  SU 232 Yellow
  SU 234 Yellow
  SU 236 Maroon
  SU 238 Maroon
  SU 240 Maroon
  SU 242 Maroon
  SU 244 Yellow
  SU 246 Yellow
Boys under 16 SU 248 Yellow
  SU 250 Maroon
  SU 252 Maroon
  SU 254 Maroon
  SU 256 Yellow
  SU 258 Maroon
  SU 260 Maroon
Boys under 18 SU 262 Yellow
  SU 264 Maroon
  SU 268 Yellow
  SU 270 Maroon
Girls under 20 SU 241 Yellow

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