Honour Board

Life Members
2007 Cameron Ranford
2005 Martin Sanders
2003 Marcus Bardill
2001 John Bardill
2001 Patrick Yapp
1998 Don Ranford
1996 D. Payton
J. Lyons
C. Neuhauser
R. Muir
S. Harman
P. Dimitrijevic
P. Robertson
Peter Frame

The Subiaco Basketball Club Honour Board was displayed in our clubroom in the old Perry Lakes Stadium until its closure at the end of 2009. The board lists Honorary Life Members and all players awarded the club's Most Promising Boy or Girl Trophies since 1968.

The Honour Board was donated to the club by Peter Frame in the late 1960's. Sadly Peter passed away in early 2008 but he will be remembered for his contribution to basketball in Western Australia as a player, coach  and administrator for over 65 years. Peter was one of the driving forces behind the foundation of Perry Lakes Stadium as the home of basketball and was a Life Member and President of Basketball WA. Peter had a very long association with our club from its earliest days, he was Subiaco’s inaugural Life Member and a past president and his son John was the club’s first Most Promising Boy in 1968.

We are looking forward to being able to prominently display this important piece of club history in the new WABC.



Most Promising Boy

Most Promising Girl Best Club Person Clive Murrish Quiet Achiever
2013 Adam Mayer Daimond na na Jay Breadmore
2012 na na Scott Lee na
2011  na na  na  Glenn Britton
2010 Arjan Dougan na Sheila Lamont Andrew Klimiatis
2009 Lucas Emery Grace Connell Deb Connell Arjan Dougan
2008 Ben Davis Billie Reason Heather Murphy & Carol Oakley Bob Andrzejewski
2007 Jai Jensen Emma Purser Maggie Duff Jackson Sutherland
2006 Jesse Dixon na na na
2005 Russell Sanders na Cameron Ranford Chris Horgan
2004 Jeremy Strachan Sarah Robinson Julianne Gaines na
2003 Alex Biddulph Sarah Harvey na Kea Levison
2002 Jacob Vis Georgia Beardman Marcus Bardill Alan Miller
2001 Daniel Yapp Leanne Hassell Lisa Rich & Roz Hart Cameron Ranford
2000 Marcus Bardill Lauren Pepper Martin Sanders Colin Haughton
1999 Scott Ranford Helen Andrews Paul Georgiades Daniel Yapp
1998 Michael Colotti Kate Sadlier P. Yapp Marcus Bardill
1997 Tristan Bardill Melissa de Blank John Bardill  
1996 Rocco Italiano Anni Fordham Bryan Watt  
1995 V. Sexton-Finck K. Reed Tony Vis  
1994 Noel Wenham H. Murdoch Marino Ward  
1993 Evan Hewitt K. Chipps Dennis Payton  
1992 Michael Opie N. Henry Don Ranford  
1991 M. Pickford D. Malthouse S. Farrall  
1990 C. Pickford T. Van Den Beuken J. Morgan  
1989 D. Dagastino K. Waters John Lyons  
1988 P. Doherty L. Dagastino C. Neuhauser  
1987 S. Stafford K. Leunig H. Muir  
1986 J. Thompson na na  
1985 J. Bedford J. Bedford P. Dimo  
1984 C. Nicholas C. Nichols J. Colgan & S. Southern  
1983 V. Klimaitis   S. Harman  
1982 P. Muir   Mrs E. Grogan  
1981 C. McDonald   R. Muir  
1980 C. Muir      
1979 B. Kelly      
1978 A. Mathews      
1977 A. Robertson      
1976 S. Adams      
1975 D.Burns      
1974 W. Holder      
1973 I. Darcy      
1972 B. Rose      
1971 L. Jowett      
1970 P. Strachan      
1969 P. Scott      
1968 J. Frame   na = not awarded  





Notice Board

Need fill in player?

With school and sports camps, injuries and illnesses during the winter season, some times teams are short of players. Noone wants to forfeit, so we encourage teams to get fill in players when needed. These should come from current Subiaco players. Any player can play up a division or grade. So please contact the Club Registrar to find out the  appropriate coach/manager contact details.

Committee Volunteers URGENTLY Needed

To ensure the success of the 2018 season, we need volunteers for the following roles:

Secretary – this role organises the executive level of the club. Booking meetings and sending out communications etc. This role is vital for the execution of club governance.

Coaching Co-ordinator/s – the coaching co-ordinator is responsible for communications with coaches and team managers as well as looking after court bookings. This role is vital to the operation of the club throughout the season.

Other roles/services – the are events throughout the year that require a short-term assistance to complete the tasks. For those that can only afford to donate their time on a periodic basis this may be an option. We are currently looking for people who can update websites and document writers.

If you are interested and would like to know more please send our Club President, Ethan McDonald an email at president@subiacobbc.com.au.


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