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Subiaco 203(Girls Miniball)
GameDayCode: 6637682016

Subiaco 204(Boys Under 10)
GameDayCode: 5496538646

Subiaco 205(Girls Miniball)
GameDayCode: 9211631093

Subiaco 206(Boys Miniball)
GameDayCode: 5873612114

Subiaco 207(Girls Miniball)
GameDayCode: 8991963229

Subiaco 208(Boys Miniball)
GameDayCode: 9924059939

Subiaco 210(Boys Miniball)
GameDayCode: 2374704381

Subiaco 211(Girls Under 12)
GameDayCode: 8453487280

Subiaco 212(Boys Miniball)
GameDayCode: 3029170129

Subiaco 213(Girls Under 12)
GameDayCode: 6257191632

Subiaco 214(Boys Under 10)
GameDayCode: 3468712781

Subiaco 215(Girls Under 12)
GameDayCode: 8387506707

Subiaco 216(Boys Under 10)
GameDayCode: 7800592653

Subiaco 217(Girls Under 12)
GameDayCode: 9985179562

Subiaco 218(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 4276929505

Subiaco 219(Girls Under 12)
GameDayCode: 7703468565

Subiaco 220(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 6272163027

Subiaco 221(Girls Under 14)
GameDayCode: 8245162126

Subiaco 222(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 9176966441

Subiaco 223(Girls Under 14)
GameDayCode: 9271628094

Subiaco 224(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 4082758377

Subiaco 225(Girls Under 14)
GameDayCode: 4781822177

Subiaco 226(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 5687107250

Subiaco 227(Girls Under 14)
GameDayCode: 7954733329

Subiaco 228(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 6033832570

Subiaco 229(Girls Under 16)
GameDayCode: 9436716651

Subiaco 230(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 1178672160

Subiaco 232(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 6338972001

Subiaco 234(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 3912499141

Subiaco 236(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 8475045384

Subiaco 238(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 9318571261

Subiaco 240(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 9322087385

Subiaco 241(Girls Under 20)
GameDayCode: 8651328123

Subiaco 242(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 6023150111

Subiaco 244(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 4121059617

Subiaco 246(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 8813372532

Subiaco 248(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 7029484500

Subiaco 250(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 2095948793

Subiaco 252(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 3572643787

Subiaco 254(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 5673648009

Subiaco 256(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 3645520580

Subiaco 258(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 9826089053

Subiaco 260(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 2494861763

Subiaco 262(Boys Under 18)
GameDayCode: 4232171366

Subiaco 264(Boys Under 18)
GameDayCode: 8784786663

Subiaco 268(Boys Under 18)
GameDayCode: 5103462432

Subiaco 270(Boys Under 18)
GameDayCode: 2742688086

Notice Board

Committee Volunteers URGENTLY Needed

To ensure the success of the 2018 season, we need volunteers for the following roles:

Secretary – this role organises the executive level of the club. Booking meetings and sending out communications etc. This role is vital for the execution of club governance.

Treasurer – those of you with some knowledge or experience in accounting, bookkeeping or even small business would find this role easy however even this is not critical.

Coaching Co-ordinator/s – the coaching co-ordinator is responsible for communications with coaches and team managers as well as looking after court bookings. This role is vital to the operation of the club throughout the season.

Other roles/services – the are events throughout the year that require a short-term assistance to complete the tasks. For those that can only afford to donate their time on a periodic basis this may be an option. We are currently looking for people who can update websites and document writers.

If you are interested and would like to know more please send me an email at

If you are able to join our Committee, please contact our Club President, Ethan McDonald at

2018 Registrations Now Open

Enquiries please email


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