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Subiaco 203(Girls Miniball)
GameDayCode: 8566064512

Subiaco 204(Boys Miniball)
GameDayCode: 7146677437

Subiaco 205(Girls Miniball)
GameDayCode: 5237860449

Subiaco 206(Boys Miniball)
GameDayCode: 1169129992

Subiaco 207(Girls Miniball)
GameDayCode: 3664549436

Subiaco 208(Boys Miniball)
GameDayCode: 5618988948

Subiaco 209(Girls Under 12)
GameDayCode: 6475067680

Subiaco 210(Boys Under 10)
GameDayCode: 6177421344

Subiaco 211(Girls Miniball)
GameDayCode: 8164912041

Subiaco 212(Boys Miniball)
GameDayCode: 7237209937

Subiaco 213(Girls Under 12)
GameDayCode: 9778860498

Subiaco 214(Boys Miniball)
GameDayCode: 4785694105

Subiaco 215(Girls Under 12)
GameDayCode: 1904783474

Subiaco 216(Boys Under 10)
GameDayCode: 9008201766

Subiaco 217(Girls Under 12)
GameDayCode: 4829866718

Subiaco 217(Girls Under 12 Group 2 Grading)
GameDayCode: 3014668657

Subiaco 218(Boys Under 10)
GameDayCode: 8097212381

Subiaco 219(Girls Under 12)
GameDayCode: 2689028659

Subiaco 220(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 8703900258

Subiaco 222(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 9660208339

Subiaco 223(Girls Under 16)
GameDayCode: 9097354815

Subiaco 224(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 8083354866

Subiaco 225(Girls Under 14)
GameDayCode: 6691169422

Subiaco 226(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 8465926250

Subiaco 227(Girls Under 14)
GameDayCode: 8781913431

Subiaco 228(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 6213166415

Subiaco 229(Girls Under 14)
GameDayCode: 8957264161

Subiaco 230(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 5278733174

Subiaco 231(Girls Under 16)
GameDayCode: 7999544903

Subiaco 232(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 6498797979

Subiaco 233(Girls Under 16)
GameDayCode: 7345805255

Subiaco 234(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 2478929475

Subiaco 235(Girls Under 16)
GameDayCode: 3512865177

Subiaco 236(Boys Under 12)
GameDayCode: 5951232980

Subiaco 239(Girls Under 20)
GameDayCode: 1322716423

Subiaco 240(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 7673776578

Subiaco 242(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 2555815600

Subiaco 244(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 4835425102

Subiaco 246(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 3365231271

Subiaco 248(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 1640821870

Subiaco 250(Boys Under 14)
GameDayCode: 8315192709

Subiaco 260(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 6799411492

Subiaco 262(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 7302406099

Subiaco 264(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 8332096619

Subiaco 266(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 4395998673

Subiaco 268(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 6191742505

Subiaco 270(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 6281908347

Subiaco 272(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 9766561656

Subiaco 274(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 2972251432

Subiaco 276(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 4968819043

Subiaco 278(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 9892164911

Subiaco 280(Boys Under 16)
GameDayCode: 5059188255

Subiaco 284(Boys Under 18)
GameDayCode: 5423748246

Subiaco 286(Boys Under 18)
GameDayCode: 1142197109

Subiaco 288(Boys Under 18)
GameDayCode: 5406794891

Notice Board

Need fill in player?

With school and sports camps, injuries and illnesses during the winter season, some times teams are short of players. Noone wants to forfeit, so we encourage teams to get fill in players when needed. These should come from current Subiaco players. Any player can play up a division or grade. So please contact the Club Registrar to find out the  appropriate coach/manager contact details.

Committee Volunteers URGENTLY Needed

To ensure the success of the 2018 season, we need volunteers for the following roles:

Secretary – this role organises the executive level of the club. Booking meetings and sending out communications etc. This role is vital for the execution of club governance.

Coaching Co-ordinator/s – the coaching co-ordinator is responsible for communications with coaches and team managers as well as looking after court bookings. This role is vital to the operation of the club throughout the season.

Other roles/services – the are events throughout the year that require a short-term assistance to complete the tasks. For those that can only afford to donate their time on a periodic basis this may be an option. We are currently looking for people who can update websites and document writers.

If you are interested and would like to know more please send our Club President, Ethan McDonald an email at


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