RFC Unacceptable Behaviour Policy

The Rambler Football Club Committee welcome you to the home of the Mighty Roosters!!!

As licensees of the Bar and Clubrooms we look forward to providing a fun, safe and enjoyable facility.

In effort to promote the safe and responsible service of alcohol we respectfully remind members and guests that unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

Unacceptable behaviour includes:

-  abusive, antisocial or offensive language or behaviour

-  placing patrons at risk through unsafe activities

-  unruly behaviour including pushing, wrestling or fighting

The Committee, Responsible Person/Bar Staff or security will address the situation as outlined below to help diffuse or avoid escalation.

1st Breach    - offending person will be asked to tone down behaviour

2nd Breach   - offending person will be refused service of alcohol

3rd Breach    - offending person asked to leave premises and offered assistance with transport options (eg phone friend/family or taxi)

4th Breach    - should offending person fail to leave premises
A)  warned police may be called
B)  If still does not leave police will be called to remove from premises

All incidents that reach the 3rd breach will be recorded and discussed at Committee level for penalty or period barring from Rambler Football Club.

The Committee welcome any feedback and suggestions and thank-you for your patronage.

Go the Mighty Roosters!!!!


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